Argument Over Money Leads Subject Throwing Ash Tray At Victim

Villa Ridge, Mo. - Sunday evening at approximately 7:00 p.m., deputies responded to the 200 block of Arborview in Villa Ridge, Mo for a report of an assault.

Upon arrival deputies learned that an individual had been struck in the head with an ash tray and a brick had been thrown through the window of a residence.

The victim stated that he had been in an argument with a subject over money that the argument became physical when he forced the subject to the floor. 

The victim stated that he lifted the subject up at which time the subject picked up an ash tray and threw it at him striking him in the head. 

The subject had left the area prior to arrival of the deputies and allegedly threw a brick through the window as he left.

While at the residence a phone belonging to a friend of the victim rang.  The call was from the subject and was answered by a deputy. 

The subject was not aware the deputy answered the phone and made threats toward the victim.  The subject was taken in to custody shortly thereafter at his residence in Red Barn Mobile Home Park. 

The subject stated there was an argument over loaning money to purchase heroin and he struck the victim in the head while defending himself.

The subject was taken in to custody for investigation of assault second and property damage.  He is a white male, age 40 from Villa Ridge.