Autistic teen proves anything is possible

By Kyle Quick
Story originally aired on CBS

Anymore today we constantly read or hear about all the negative things happening around us, in fact many times I have thought to myself “ignorance is bliss”.  But every now and then people should be reminded that no matter what obstacles life throws your way there is always hope.

You may recall hearing about a story that originally aired on CBS in October of 2006 about Jason McElwain who’s autistic and had served as manager for Greece Athena High School’s boys basketball team. In the team’s final game of the year, high school senior McElwain, would send shock waves across the country.

In the teams final game of the year coach Jim Johnson added McElwain to the rooster so he could be given a jersey and a chance to sit on the bench.  Coach Johnson hoped the salutation would even give him a chance to sub McElwain in the game.

With four minutes remaining Johnson put McElwain in the game and what happened next you have to see it to believe it.

It was by accident I remembered this story, it literally popped in my head but is the perfect prelude to a similar story I will have later this week.