Balloon Glow Draws Huge Crowds - Over 1,000 People Flood New Haven City Park

Photo by Kaylin Bade

New Haven, Mo. - Over the past few years, suggestions of having a Balloon Glow as part of the Annual Hot Air Balloon Race became a reality Friday night. Picture perfect weather and the excitement of seeing a balloon glow for the first time attracted an estimated two thousand people.  (Number of people estimated by QNN.)

As the sun began to set, white flashes of light began firing with spectators all trying to capture the breathtaking view of six balloons lighting up the nighttime skies.

Saturday's Balloon Race outlook:

No different than in years past, balloon race officials have been closely monitoring Saturday's forecast and will do everything in their control so spectators can watch over 20 balloons lift off.

Photo by Kyle Quick

Like the procedure in past years, once pilots arrive a meeting will be held at the upper pavilion where representatives with the FAA along with race officials will come together.

They will discuss what is being forecasted, wind speeds, wind directions, and will make a decision or what and hold a second meeting to see if there had been any changes to the forecast.

Missouri weather is unpredictable, which unless there is a 100% chance of unfavorable weather, it's a simple wait and see.

Photo by Kaylin Bade.

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