Blessed With Triplets Now Father Battles Cancer

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By: Erica McKernan

In less than 18 hours nearly $4,000 has already been raised.

A year ago, my little sister, Nicole Laune, visited me in Texas for a weekend getaway.  I had big plans for us - shopping and laying out by the pool.  As I tell her the game plan she smiles and says "we might need to get a plan B, I'm pregnant!" So we spent the weekend eating and talking about how exciting the next nine months would be!

Little did Nicole and Jason know that within the next months they would find out they were having not only one, not two, BUT 3 beautiful BOYS!

*Yes, all natural - completely spontaneous. With this one in a million chance, these two made lemons into lemonade.  Nicole had to quit her job once the boys were born and Jason started working overtime.

However, Jason and Nicole find themselves facing even greater challenges today after learning just months later that Jason has testicular cancer.   The good news is he has a 95-98% chance of recovery. 

Unfortunately, Jason will not be able to work the same amount of hours because he has to do multiple rounds of chemo over the next few months. 

Without him working this will cause financial strain on the family.  If you would like to help out this hardworking and caring family a fund has been set up where you can make a donation.

Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

This fund will helpfully take away some stress during the next few months!!

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