UPDATED - BREAKING NEWS: Armed Robbery At Game Depot - Owner Draws His Gun At Suspects

Photos courtesy of Washington PD
UPDATED 1:36 p.m. Friday - The suspects in Thursday’s armed robbery have been identified as Oscar Rivera, Hispanic male 20 years old, and Ciera J Ruengert, white female 21 years old, both from in New Haven, Mo.

Both suspects have officially been charged with Robbery 1st Degree, Armed Criminal Action and Endangering the Welfare of a Child 2nd Degree (Misdemeanor).  Bond was set at $100,000 cash only on both suspects. 

WASHINGTON, MO - This morning Washington Police Chief Ken Hahn released a statement regarding an armed robbery of the Game Depot, located in 500 block of East 5th Street in Washington, Mo, that occurred Thursday afternoon at approximately 2:13 p.m.

Chief Hahn said that about ten minutes prior to the robbery, a white 21-year-old female entered the Game Depot wearing a hat and facial covering.  The owners thought nothing of this due to the cold weather.  The female looked around and exited the store, possibly because there was another customer there.

Chief Hahn said both suspects, a Hispanic male 20 years of age and a white female 21 years of age were ultimately arrested after an exhaustive investigation by the Washington Police Department.

Several minutes later, a Hispanic male 20 years of age, entered without concealing his identity and conducted a transaction by selling two video games to the store, which Hahn said is routine, however there were no customers in  in the store at this time.

A few minutes after the male left and the female suspect again entered the store, still concealed, announced a robbery, and displayed a handgun.  She demanded money from the cash register when the owner of the store grabbed her handgun and a struggle ensued.

The owner produced his own handgun, which he keeps on his person, and he struck the female in the head area with his gun, which caused her to drop her gun on the floor, knocking her hat off and exposing her blond hair. 

At this time, the owner’s wife grabbed the suspect by the hair in an attempt to hold her while the suspect was trying to get away.  A clump of the suspect’s hair was pulled out, during which the hair actually cut the owner’s wife’s fingers. 

The suspect was able to flee, but left the gun behind.  The owners observed the suspect run behind the business and enter the passenger side of a dark vehicle parked behind the Twisted Fish Bar.  The vehicle then fled. 

The Washington police were then contacted.  Officers believed the suspect conducting the prior transaction may have been related to the robbery.  As a result of a thorough investigation, a female suspect (his girlfriend) was also identified with both suspects being from New Haven, MO.

The New Haven police advised us the male suspect was assigned an ankle monitoring GPS device due to a previous robbery he is believed to be involved in.

Detectives with Washington police contacted the private company assigned to monitor the suspect’s activities and learned the suspect was stationary for up to one hour at 539 MacArthur Street in Washington at the same time as the robbery. 

Based on this information, detectives continued contact with the company throughout the evening to keep aware of his location, which was now in the St. Louis area. 

At about 8:15pm Thursday evening the suspect’s location was westbound on Interstate 44 at Highway 141 so officers were set up along Highway 100 at the Washington city limits to intercept the suspect as he came into town. 

A felony car stop was conducted at Highway 100 and Roy Drive when the suspect vehicle entered town.  The vehicle matched the description provided matched that from the victims and both suspects were arrested.

The female suspect had lacerations to her head with dried blood matted in her hair.  She was transported to Mercy Hospital Washington for treatment. 

Full confessions were obtained from both suspects at the Washington Police Department.  The suspects’ one year old child was in the vehicle, also at the time of the robbery. Missouri Family Support Division (DFS) was notified and responded. 

The handgun used, along with the female’s black baseball cap and the hair, were recovered and were held as evidence.  Charges will be sought through the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office for Armed Robbery, Armed Criminal Action, and possibly other charges against both suspects.