Bullock surpasses 1,000 career points on 18th birthday

Alyssa Bullock shoots a three, not realizing she surpassed 1,000 points after splashing through the next.

By Kyle Quick

Chamois’ senior guard Alyssa Bullock had no idea going into Thursday night’s State Quarter Finals that she was four points shy of toping 1,000 career points or would end up having 1,000 memories of her 18th birthday. 

Bullock needed one point after hitting a three in the first half, sitting on 999 career points.  Chamois had worked over a minute off the clock, giving them the final possession in the third quarter.

Bullock caught the ball at the top of the key with 6.3 seconds on the clock and like she has done over 200 times, “nothing but butter” from downtown she drained the three pointer scoring points 1000, 1001, and 1,002 at 8:33 p.m. on February 27, 2013.

Bullock told QuickNewsNow after the game, “I didn’t know I had even scored a 1,000 points until coach said congratulations.”  Her first response was “for what” but then quickly realized what she had accomplished.

Coach Marty Gerloff commented on Bullock’s achievement, “It was an amazing feeling to see her reach 1,000.  Miranda [Brandt] and Alyssa [Bullock] being in the same class and both hitting 1,000 points, how amazing is that.”

Asking Bullock how it feels to have scored over 1,000 career points she said, “It’s an amazing feeling.”

Saturday night Bullock became a part of Chamois High School history along with her teammates after defeating Norborn, becoming the first team to advance to the Missouri State Final Four.