Celebrate “Wonder And Strength” At The New Haven Fire Fest 2013

Pictured is the Burning House of Fire and Ice.

By Kaylin Bade.
New Haven, Mo. -
The sixth annual New Haven Fire Fest will be held this Saturday, November 2 in downtown New Haven. 

This unique extravaganza is hosted by The Riverfront Arts District and has grown and expanded in activities and attendance each year, adding the "Burning Man" to their already popular "House of Fire and Ice".

"Burning Man?" "House of Fire and Ice?" Watch video from last's two amazing displays you won't find anywhere else other than at Fire Fest 2013.

The festival will kick off with a parade downtown at 12:30 p.m., followed by the Veterans Ceremony at 1:00.  Cannon firing demonstrations can be watched each hour throughout the day on the river bank.

Live music, demonstrations by local artists, Trebuchet pumpkin chunking, reenactments, and children’s activities including a petting zoo can be enjoyed all day.

A wide variety of food and drink will be available from vendors as well, including a Spirit Garden with assorted tastings.

The schedule for the day is as follows.

1:30 – Babaloo Concert
2:00  - Fireman Demo
2:30 -  Story Teller’s War Stories
3:00 – Trebuchet pumpkin Chunking
3:30 – Babaloo Concert
5:00 – Trebuchet pumpkin chunking
5:30 – Fire Dancer performance
6:30 – House of Fire and Ice
7:30 – Burning Man

For more information, visit www.newhavenfirefest.com