City Of New Haven Sees Crime Decline In 2013

New Haven, Mo. - New Haven Police Chief John Sheible said at Monday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting, “This past year there was an overall decrease in crime, particularly violent crime.”

According to the data presented by Chief Sheible cases involving domestic violence and stealing decreased the most, both were down 13% compared to 2012.

“With the decrease in cases and investigations we’ve been able to concentrate more on patrol and traffic, allowing an increased presence on the streets helped in keeping violent crimes down”, said Chief Sheible.

This past year New Haven PD received 4,107 calls for service compared to 2012’s 4,253.  Officers also worked 106 fewer cases.  In 2012 officers were assigned 526 compared to last year’s 420 cases.

As in years past the number one reason for assigned cases is Weed Ordinance Violation, accounting for 25% (139) of 2013’s case load.

The only area that saw a large increase were the number of traffic stops, which were up from 652 in 2012 to 957.  While traffic stops increased the number of car accidents decreased by 13%.

“As a department we’ve made a concerted effort to slow traffic within the community and recently have focused on the new 40mph zone on the west end of Highway 100”, Chief Sheible said. “After the speed limit was reduced due to the number of serious accidents that had occurred in that area, we’ve made a strong effort to slow drivers down by increased enforcement.”

Photo by Kyle Quick.

Chief Sheible pointed out the department’s increased presence at both the elementary and high schools.  “This is extremely important in several ways.  It provides us with an opportunity for one on one contact wit the children and allows us to immediately be aware of any changes on those campuses”, said Sheible.

“The City of New Haven has one of the best trained and well educated departments, for its size, anywhere”, Sheible emphasized.  “All of the officers in this department are dedicated to protecting the citizens of this community and it is a pleasure for me to work with them.”

New Haven has six full-time and currently three part-time officers, Chief John Sheible, Captain Dan Terry, Sgt. Meg Parks, and officers David Burke, Jacqueline Brown, and Travis Durrer.  The part-time officers include, David Biser, Justin Gevers, and Beau Fore.

The department is currently short by two on part-time officers but Sheible said Monday night they will begin interviewing applicants this month.