Coaches and Athletes Speak Out On Coach Sohn's Departure From New Haven

By Kyle Quick
Assitant Track Coach Kevin Sohn’s reaction after the official team results were announced giving New Haven’s girls track team their first district title in school history.

New Haven, Mo. -  “If you go to a volleyball game....cross country meet, coach Sohn is there and I’m not talking just games in this gym. (New Haven)  We’ve gone to some of our furtherest road trips and coach Sohn is always there supporting the kids,” Athletic Director Ray Steinhoff said in his opening remarks at last week’s athletic banquet.

Steinhoff’s remarks came after assistant track coach Kevin Sohn announced his decision to leave the school district to purse a different career; “I know as coaches we will miss coach Sohn and the students are going to miss him as well.”

Head Track Coach John Tucker said, “Kevin [Sohn] is an all around great person.  A great example that really describes the type of thoughtful guy he is; last week before sectionals after practice I said something about being tired and the next thing I hear is Kevin telling me to go home, that he would wait and make sure all the kids were picked up from practice.”

“That’s the type of person Kevin is, it doesn’t matter who you are...he’s a genuinely caring person.”

Tucker said there are two things Sohn has really wanted to win; the first being a District Championship, which New Haven’s girls track team accomplished earlier this month and the second being a “championship” a team can only win after districts. (Note: There is nothing wrong with being superstitious.) 

Sohn leaves New Haven after serving nine years as the Speech Implementor at the elementary school.

Sohn will be missed more than he probably realizes or understand the impact he’s had on students.

Maddie Yarbrough said, “I'll miss having him as a high jump coach and bus driver.  He has never been afraid or too shy to talk to me and its always good to have someone that shares so many stories with you."

Photo by QuickNewsNow's Fey Chavez of coach Sohn standing near the final turn during the 4x400 cheering on the girls relay team.

"Whether I told him this or not, he helped me improve in the high jump and I thank him for that.  I'll miss him as a coach but more as a person who has always been there supporting us."

At State Sectionals on Saturday one of the first things Molly Munsinger said after running a career best in the 200 meter dash was about what coach Sohn made her do before the race.

Munsinger said, “Well, I was missing a few spikes and coach Sohn said I needed some while he went to get them.  I like to think because he made me add five more spikes to my shoes is the reason why I finally ran under 28 seconds.”

Munsinger said she will miss coach Sohn, “At the third turn of the 4x400 relay cheering us on.”

Hannah Pruessner said, “I will miss coach Sohn standing at the last 100 meters in the 400 and 4x400 yelling at me to pump and push myself.”

This weekend both Hannah and Molly will get to hear coach Sohn one last time at the Missouri State Track Meet.