Colorful Ending To Fanklin County Fair - Tractor Brush Pull results

Pictured is Wayne Sahm, the same person who led last year's ceremony in naming the tractor pull after the late Leonard Brautigam.  It was as if the rainbow began arching over Wayne, stretching the length of the fair grounds as a sign from Leonard.

Below are results from the Brush Pull along with video footage from the Gateway Truck Pull.

By Kyle Quick and Kaylin Bade

Union, Mo. - After Saturday's awesome Kathy Prilwetz Memorial Pro Bull Riding, the 2013 Franklin County Fair was topped off with the Leonard Brautigam Memorial Truck & Tractor Pull and a sign from the heavens above that both Kathy and Leonard were looking down, almost as if they were applauding fair officials for putting on a great fair.

Last year we wrote an article after the Franklin County Fair Board decided to officially name the annual truck and tractor pull after a man who devoted over 55 years to the fair, the late Leonard Brautigam.

Click here to read our article and watch the dedication ceremony.

Midway through the pull, off into the east, a rainbow began to appear.  Before long the rainbow stretched from one end of the fairgrounds to the other, a fitting end to one of the best Franklin County Fairs.

6,000 lb.
1st Place: Nick Gerling, Farmall M.  New Haven.
2nd Place: Ray Tucker, Oliver Super 77.
3rd Place: Gary Meyer, Oliver 88.  Leslie.
4th Place: Leonard Ley, Oliver 880.  Villa Ridge.
5th Place: Nole Winistoerfer, Oliver 88.  Beaufort.

8,000 lb.
1st Place:  Ron Gerlemann, John Deere 3010.  Dissen.
2nd Place: Mike Steinbeck, Allis Chalmers 180.  New Haven.
3rd Place: Kevin Winistoerfer, Oliver 880.  Beaufort.
4th Place: Thomas Glosemeyer, Oliver 1630.
5th Place: Ray Schowe, Allis Chalmers 180.  New Haven.

10,000 lb.
1st Place: Dustin TenEyck, International 856.  Union.
2nd Place:  Kaileigh Meyer, John Deere 4020.  Leslie.
3rd Place:  Mike Schwoeppe, Oliver 1850.  Marthasville.
4th Place:  Brian Ley, Oliver 1050.  Washington.
5th Place:  Jerry Eckstein, International 826.  Beaufort.

12,000 lb.
1st Place:  Brian Ley, Oliver 1955.  Washington.
2nd Place:  Austin Redhage, International 1206.  Union.
3rd Place:  Brian Unnerstall, international 1468.
4th Place:  Tyler Nelson, International 1066.
5th Place:  Mike Hubenthal, International 856.  Leslie.

14,000 lb.
1st Place: Mike Hilkerbaumer, Allis Chalmers 7040.  Union.
2nd Place:  Alex Gerlemann, John Deere 4250.  Dissen.
3rd Place: Jake Borcherding, John Deere 4055.  Dissen.
4th Place: Corey Kloppe, Ford 9000.  New Haven.
5th Place:  Alan Hilkerbaumer, Allis Chalmers 7060.  Union.

17,000 lb.
1st Place:  Ryan Huellinghoff, John Deere 7800.  Union.
2nd Place:  John Huellinghoff, John Deere 4450.  Union.
3rd Place:  John Busch, White 170.
4th Place:  Ben Tobben, International 1066.
5th Place:  Matt Kuenzel, John Deere 4455.