Counterfeit $100 bill discovered in Pacific

Pacific, Mo. - Quick News spoke with Detective Robertson of the Pacific Police Department this morning regarding their finding of a fraudulent $100 bill.  The Department is currently working with the Secret Service on the matter.

Detective Robertson said “when you compare the bills in size, it [the counterfeit bill] is smaller; not much, but enough to be noticeable”.  The bill was also missing the center water mark strip; therefore this bill was most likely a reprint.

A citizen discovered the bill was fraudulent when he went to another establishment who did a pen check on the bill; it was then taken to a local bank.

Pacific banks and businesses have been notified by the Pacific Police Department.  The Department has a photo of the bill that is awaiting Secret Service approval to give to other businesses in Franklin County.  As soon as it gains approval, it will be expedited to businesses in the area.

Detective Robertson stated, “When something like this happens, the banks have their own policies, procedures, and forms.  They retain the bills and then send them to the Secret Service; the Police Department has similar procedures.”

Quick News will monitor this story and bring you more information as it becomes available.