Counterfeit Checks Circulating in the Area with Valid Routing Number

By Kaylin Bade

St. Clair, Mo. - The St. Clair Police Department would like to notify area businesses and citizens of a ring of counterfeit checks being passed.

It is recommended that businesses do not accept these checks and immediately contact the St. Clair Police Department (636-629-1313) when someone is attempting to cash one. 

The checks are official checks issued in the bank's name using a correct routing number of 314074269, which is assigned to USAA Federal Savings Bank located at 10750 McDermott FWY, San Antonio, Texas 78288-0544. 

The account holder's name and address information (located in top left corner of the check) have had various names and addresses printed on the check along with a drivers licence number. 

The majority of the checks have had the names of Ronnie Wells and Jessi Franklin.  Businesses and individuals are also cautioned to look for these names on checks from other banking instutitions as they may change.

The department would like to reiterate that "It is important to verify all subjects cashing any checks by picture identification and to write down all their information before cashing any checks as we have seen an increased amount of forgery and counterfeit checks in the area.  This will help assist you to not become a victim."

Please contact the St. Clair or local Police Department should anyone attempt to cash a check on this bank or if there are any questions or concerns about cashing any other checks.

Monday through Friday the office is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm you can contact us at 636-629-1313, after hours contact the F.C.S.O. at 636-583-2567 as all dispatch goes through Franklin County after hours for officers.