Fabulous Friday - Washington Town and Country Fair Daily Recap

By Kaylin Bade.  Below is great footage the Washington Town and Country Queen and her court taking on the Washington Fire Department Auxilary.

Washington, Mo. - The Washington Town and Country Fair continued on Friday, August 9 with a variety of exciting, and some amusing, competitions.

The Bucket Brigade (Sponsored by the Washington Fire Department.) wasn’t hindered by the rain, as most of the contestants were looking forward to getting wet.

However, we soon learned by the intense looks on the faces of the competitors that this was serious business. 

The Fair Queen and her Court even joined in the fun, competing against the Washington Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary.

Farmers from near and far competed in the Farm Class, Gateway, and ITPA Tractor and Truck Pulls. 

For more on the pulls, click here.

The Beaucoup Bottom Band provided entertainment throughout the afternoon until REO Speedwagon took the Main Stage. 

Below, QNN Reporter Kelly Hoffmann recounts the happenings at the first ever Real Moms of WashMo Contest.

Nicki Harriman was the winner of the 2013 Real Moms of WashMO contest.

She beat out the other 14 moms and one dad by completing the course with a time of three minutes and 17 seconds.

The 16 contestants had to change a baby doll’s diaper, buckle it into a car seat, wipe lipstick off of a mirror, sort silverware, fold laundry, dress another baby doll, push the baby doll in a stroller around some obstacles, make a bed, put together a baby puzzle, make a PB&J sandwich without crust and cut into four triangles, sort toys, and finally sit down in one of two chairs to end their time. The contest was held in the Family Fun Center.  Pictured right, winner Nicki Harriman.

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