My First Time at “Summer’s Last Blast”

By Kelly Hoffmann

For many families, the Washington Town & Country fair is a yearly tradition, but not for mine. This was the first year that I have ever attended this fair, and my experience was amazing!

Maybe it was just the reason that I was at the fair, to cover it for Quick News Now, that my experience was as great as it was. Because of my press pass, I was able to go almost anywhere on the fairgrounds, including getting to be so close to the stage at the Justin Moore concert I had to wear ear plugs. Well, for the first three songs at least!

I also got to spend a day with the queen and her court. The 22-minute interview I got with those four ladies was one of the most fun interviewing experiences I have ever had, because they are some of the sweetest and funniest people I have ever met.  (Keep a look out for that story.  I think you will like it.)

Now, my experience at the Washington Town & Country fair wasn’t all work. Because we all know that all work and no play is extremely unhealthy, I rode almost every ride there was, excluding the kiddie rides, with my friends. Because, of course riding portable carnival rides is healthy… at least it was fun. 

Even though it took me 17 years before I ever experienced the greatness of the Washington Town & Country Fair, if I could go back in time to experience it sooner, I wouldn’t.

If I had experienced the fair in the past, I think I would’ve taken the experience for granted and would’ve never understood what makes this fair so special. 

The Washington Town & Country Fair is the one time of the year when all of Washington comes together. This fair provides so many diverse events that everyone can be interested in something at the fair. For the five days the fair runs, everyone comes together to dance at the concerts, ride the rides in the Midway, see all of the livestock, and watch the tractor pull, UTV races, and Motocross.

Dare I even say the Washington/Borgia rivalry is put aside?

Another reason the fair is so great, is because it provides an unforgettable experience for everybody. I mean I got to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert just after watching a proposal at the finish line of the UTV races. Where else would I have gotten that experience other than at the fair?

My experience at the fair will never be forgotten, and although it may seem odd that I have never before attended the fair, I am glad I did this year. Going to the fair this year, I expected to see a very crowed place, with carnival rides in one area, and livestock in another area, with a big stage somewhere in the middle, kind of like every other fair in the area. Never did I expect it to be what it was, a community event with something to interest everyone.

Thank you to all the volunteers for making it happen.