Former New Haven EMT Helps With Miracle Delivery

Special thank you to KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City for allowing us to publish this amazing story.
By Lance West, Published on Nov. 13.

Oklahoma City, Ok. - Nearly 500 miles from New Haven, Mo. Christiana Herron, who once worked as an EMT for the New Haven Ambulance District and now as a dispatcher in Oklahoma City helped deliver a baby by giving the dad instructions over the phone.

There was one problem, the baby was exiting breech, feet first and EMS crews were not going to get there in time.  Here is KFOR’s story by Lance West, which includes recording of the 911 call and the family meeting Herron for the very first time.

Mom, Victoria Bartels said, “Sweet baby girl. She’s perfect, as close to it as anyone can be I suppose.”

Her arrival was anything but perfect. Victoria went into labor at home. There was no time to get to the hospital.

Bartels told us, “I had the urge to push [it] came. That was the end of the story.”

Laura Bell was exiting breech, feet first! These births are difficult and dangerous, even for an Obstetrician.
Dad, Jeremy recruited the help of an EMSA dispatcher. This is a portion of his 911 call.

Dispatcher: Okay. This could be a difficult delivery. Listen carefully. I’m going to tell you exactly what to do next.

Dispatcher: Have the mother stand, bend her knees and squat. (Okay, bend your knees and squat.)

Jeremy: OHHH! She’s here. Okay. The baby’s completely out. What do I do now?

The newborn wasn’t breathing. For the next few minutes, the fearless dispatcher talked Jeremy through several life-saving techniques.

EMSA dispatcher, Christiana Herron said, “OMG, it gave me chills. Because you said she wasn’t breathing. I was like, oh my goodness. Come on. Come on.”

And Friday afternoon, Herron was introduced to the newborn she helped bring into this world. Christiana has only been working in the Communication Center three months. This was her very first delivery.

She said, “Just waiting to hear her cry. When I heard that, oh the relief. I’m just glad it turned out this way for you guys.”

The Bartels are grateful to their new friend for her role in Laura

Bell’s survival. But they never had any doubt, their “miracle” was always in God’s hands.

Bartels said, “Having the confidence and peace in our hearts that the Lord had his hand in it; that he allowed everything to be safe, before, during and after. It was great.”

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