Franklin County Bomb Squad Responds To Londell School For Suspicious Package

Londell, Mo.
- This morning Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke released a statement regarding to their response for a report of a suspicious package at the Londell School.

Sheriff Toelke said that at approximately 8:00 AM this morning Franklin County Deputies responded to the Lonedell School in reference to a suspicious package on the school parking-lot.

The package was what appeared to be a fish bate container that had been painted black.  The Highway Patrol, Lonedell Fire, and Franklin County Bomb and Arson investigator also responded.  The school also conducted an evacuation drill as a precautionary measure.

Video showed a student placing the container on the lot before school this morning.  When confronted by authorities, the student stated that a family member had a prior disagreement at the school with a teacher.

The student stated that he was requested by the family member to place the box on the lot and that it was commonly known as a “stink bate.”   The apparent goal was to stink up the parking lot.

Update: 1:05 p.m

Upon further investigation Sheriff Toelke said early this afternoon that detectives later determined that the student actually planned to place the container in another student’s backpack and decided against it placing it on the parking lot.  There was apparently not a disagreement between family and a teacher.