Happy Birthday Kaylin Bade And A Big Thank You

By Kyle Quick.

Kaylin Bade has been with Quick News from the very beginning and the backbone to our continued growth.

Today Kaylin is celebrating her 28th birthday and I could not think of a better time to express my gratitude for everything she does, because without her Quick News would not exist.

So much of what Kaylin does is not seen by our readers, which is why I want our readers to know she has been the main reason why over 40,000 readers visit QuickNewsNow every month, which is over 10,000 more than last year.

In fact, we have already surpassed all of our 2012's site traffic and this would not have been possible if not for Kaylin's dedication and the little things she does that make a big difference.

Kaylin is currently working towards completing her Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in Secondary education.

So much of what we do there is a very good chance that she had a hand in making it possible.  In fact there may have been times when you wonder how we are able to publish breaking news so fast.  The answer is Kaylin.

While I am driving she is already working on a news brief about what is occurring.  Once I get to the scene of a house fire, for example, I'll take a quick photo, email it to her and with in minutes readers can see what is happening.

On behalf of everyone at Quick News I would like to say thank you and wish you a happy birthday.  Take the day off.