Here's to National Ginger Day - "Keep the fire burning"

Pictured above: Madison Johnson gets shamrock fans fired up during a girls home game.

By Kyle Quick:

Last week New Haven High School Cheerleader, Madison Johnson politely reminded me that February 22 was National Ginger Day.  Ironically there is an actual purpose behind National Ginger Day.

National Ginger Awareness Day raises awareness of the little known fact that red hair is slowly becoming extinct. The recessive ginger hair gene is being bred out of modern society.

Gingers across the nation usually celebrate with a selection of slogans on stickers.

For example:
“Keep the fire burning”
“Be aware, gingers are there”
“Ginger rangers”
“Ginger and proud”
“Ginger Power”

So if you see a “Ginger” wish them a happy Ginger Day.