My Hermann Mo. Post Office

Pictured left to right: Theresa Baughman, Terri, Schmidt, Genny Hoener, and Jody Elsenraat. (Photo by Gary Amirault)

By Gary Amirault

--I came into my local Post Office in Hermann, Mo the other day with “Wait! Oh yes, wait a minute.” With that clue, they were supposed to guess the name of that tune, Please Mr. Postman, recorded by the Marvelettes in 1961 and the Beatles in 1963.

One of the joys in my life is going to our local post office.  A smile is coming to my face just thinking about this place.

In recent months, I’ve been playing my version of “Name that tune” with the clerks (Jody and Terri) and whoever is in the back sorting mail. I sing a few words or a line of a song and they have to name the tune. Admittedly, I often make it more difficult for them since I’m usually out of key and not a great singer.

To me, the gals at the Hermann Post Office are “Marvelettes”. They work hard and do their job well, are courteous and leave their troubles at home.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve made mistakes that they’ve  caught before our packages went out. A clerk might tell me my wife called to tell me to pick up some eggs. 

If I pull out the wrong credit card to pay my postal bill, Jody lets me know it’s the wrong card. She knows my wallet better than I do and that gal can multi-task like no one I know.

Genny Hoener, our route carrier has so often gone beyond the call of duty to get packages to us. Ok, name this tune: “Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song and I’ll try not to sing out of key.”

When the gals figure out the song or give up, we may try to sing a few lines together. Other customers might join in and we’re almost always out of key but we’re all having a good time at the local post office.

(Photos by Gary Amirault)

My wife and I have run a small ministry named Tentmaker Ministries
( for many years. We reach out to the world with what we call the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, good news to everyone (and I mean everyone).

We have sent thousands of packages and letters to all parts of the world through the Hermann Post Office. I am truly blown away at how efficiently these letters and packages are processed. They arrive almost always safely and most often at a reasonable price. My wife and I get by with a LOT of help from our friends at our local Post Office.

Today, when I went into the post office, Theresa, the supervisor, quickly greeted me with a big smile.

“I’ve got one for you,” she said. “I gave a letter to the postman,” was the clue she gave me. I was stumped. Do you know it? We had a good time singing the song and shaking our hips to the beat.

Thank you Theresa Baughman, Jody Elsenraat, Terri, Schmidt, Genny Hoener,  (Harley Scheidegger, retired) and the rest of you guys and gals at the Hermann Post Office for everything you do.

My hat is off to you and my heart is deeply grateful for who you are and how well you do what you do.

“All that I am, all that I see, all that I’ve been and all that I’ve ever been and all that I’ll ever be…” Name that tune… (see youtube video below)

When I come to the Hermann Post Office, I often walk away with an attitude of gratitude. And that’s a good way to start a day. Thanks, ya’all.

Gary and Michelle Amirault