Kaylin's Kitchen: eat. pie. love. Gerald Library and Bookstore needs your help

Gerald, Mo. - The Gerald Community Picnic on June 29 will be host to many events, booths, and fun; but right now, we're talking pie!

The Gerald Area Library & Once Upon A Time Bookstore will be hosting a Pie Booth at the Community Picnic from 2:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and they are looking for pie donations.  

To RSVP to bring your favorite pie creation, please call 573-764-7323 (764-READ).

Of course, the Library and Bookstore will also need pie buyers so, head out to the Gerald Community Picnic on June 29!

For today's Kaylin's Kitchen, I've pulled a few recipes from a vintage book from my collection in honor of the Gerald Library and Bookstore; The Pure Food Cook Book by the Women's Progressive Farmers' Association of Missouri from 1923. 

The cookbook states that all of the recipes were “contributed by the farm women of Missouri”.

To help with your pie donation, here is a basic pie dough recipe submitted to the WPFA by Mrs. Joe R. Barnett of Odessa, Mo.

Never-Fail Pie Crust
1 cup flour
2 Tbsp. lard
pinch of salt
3 Tbsp. water

Mix flour, lard, and salt with hands, then add the water.  This makes one large pie crust.

For a larger batch of pre-baked pie shells, Mrs. D. S. Browning of Verona, Mo. brings us the next recipe.

Flaky Pie Crust
1 cup lard
1 level tsp. salt
1 cup boiling water
3 cups flour
1 tsp. baking powder

Put lard in pan, add salt and water and put on stove until it comes to boil.  Sift baking powder and flour together and stir into other ingredients.  Put plenty of flour on bread board and roll.  Bake on back of pie pans or paper plates.  This makes five shells.

While the Gerald Area Library & Once Upon A Time Bookstore’s Pie Booth cannot take donations of cream pies due to the heat, I just had to include the following recipe from the WPFA cookbook. 

It was submitted by New Haven resident, Mrs. Harry Freitag.

Coconut Orange Pie
1 cup shredded coconut
3 eggs separated
4 oranges
2 Tbsp. flour
1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp. melted butter

Mix coconut with grated rind of one orange, add juice of oranges, sugar, yolks of eggs and flour and butter.  Pour into pastry lined pie plate, bake in oven.  Cover with whites of eggs and brow.  This makes two pies.

I have found in several of my older cookbooks that the recipe authors make the assumption that the reader is an experienced cook, like the recipe above.  Without general baking knowledge, it would be impossible to follow, but I find a bit of beauty in the way these recipes were written.  Enjoy!


The Gerald Area Library is an all volunteer & donation library established by the citizens of Gerald, Mo. on September 17, 1994. 

The Library is one of the few all volunteer, all donation libraries in the country.

They are always looking for volunteers in various forms. Please call 573-764-READ (7323) to ask how you can help.  They also have gently used books for sale in their Once Upon A Time bookstore. Lots of newer and older titles as well as videos for sale at great prices.