Kids Get Down And Muddy At Youth Fair Pig Scramble

New Haven, Mo. - An estimated 800 people lined fences and filled the bleachers Friday night at the New Haven Youth Fair for the annual pig scramble, where approximately 250 kids, ranging in ages from 2-years-old to over 18.

Through the years, the event has grown so big it has forced fair officials to put a limit on the number of participants for each age group and requiring parents to pre-register their kids beforehand.

No one really knows when the pig scramble first started other than, "It has been going on for decades."

Some things have changed over the years, for example having to pre-register due to overwhelming popularity, but one thing has remained the same.

Every year the same voice can be heard echoing through the speakers with his wife sitting by his side as "The Voice" of the New Haven Youth Fair, Glen Kohlbusch has been announcing the pig scramble ever since it began.  He can also be heard at Saturday's tractor pull of course.

Before the grand finale I was speaking with a good friend of mine who coaches basketball for the Rockwood School District and he was asking if we would have photos from the pig scramble.

He was telling me how the girls he coaches thought he was joking while he was telling them about Friday's pig scramble.  Well, here is evidence that pig scrambles really do exist.

The New Haven/Berger Fire Department donated their time to keep the area nice and muddy, adding more water as the age groups got older.

Last year we were able to talk the Queen contestants into changing out of their beautiful dresses and into some old clothes to show they are not afraid to get their hands a little dirty or completely covered in mud.

So for the second year straight, Friday night's pig scramble was topped off and hopefully a tradition was started that will continue year after year, as fans watched these 12 girls flat out get after it.

By this time after firefighters had unloaded several hundred gallons of water since the scramble began, the rink was one huge mud puddle.  I think it is safe to say the girls and everyone involved had a great time.

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Rachel Horstmann and Meghan Brown were winners of the "Queen Contestants" battle for a pig and were each presented a trophy by Miss Congeniality Amy Engelbercht.