Lady Rocks Inches From Upsetting Borgia - JV Takes Down Borgia In Two Remain Undefeated

Janie Arand makes a game saving diving play, keeping the ball in play after everyone else thought Emily Kallmeyer's attack had fallen and New Haven had pull off the upset.  

Below you can watch the second and third sets in HD.

By Kyle Quick
New Haven, Mo. - Monday night in front of a packed house New Haven's JV team ignited Shamrock fans with their two set win over Borgia, 25-21, 25-20, remaining a perfect 14-0 and off to one of the best starts in school history.

The JV's exhilarating win would be a prelude to the three set - 90 minute match that saw Borgia and New Haven tied 20 times and the lead change hands 10 times.

Monday night was high school volleyball at it's best.  Shamrock fans filled the stands and New Haven's student body created an electrifying  atmosphere. 

Coach Jaime Hoener said, "Our fans were great.  I can't say that I saw them, but I know they were loud because I had to scream during timeouts.  That's what high school sports is all about."

Within inches of winning.

"There are very few times that I am pleased after a loss.  I think this was one of them," Coach Hoener said.  "I keep thinking about how close we were and what might have been.  But, at the same time, I feel like we played, really, really hard and I'm pleased with their efforts."

Twice in the second set New Haven was literally inches away from a huge upset after taking the first set, 25-20.

With New Haven leading 23-22, Borgia's defense was shifted to the left, expecting Taylor Covington to cross court but instead she found a wide open right side, giving New Haven match point (24-22).

On the ensuing play everyone thought New Haven had taken down Borgia except Janie Arand, who came out of no where, diving and able to 'pancake' the ball to keep it alive.  "Janie's [Arand] diving play really was the key moment in the game for us.  We needed that little spark to push us ahead," Coach Brad Bruns said afterwards.

"That was a great play she made.  Borgia has some highly skilled and athletic players," Hoener said.

Janie Arand's game saving play gave Borgia the serve but New Haven still at match point.(24-23)

But again New Haven was inches from pulling off the win when Covington went up for an attack, finding a wide open right side, the exact same spot where she dropped a tip two plays before, but this time her attempt caught the net, tying it up at 24-24.

Up until Monday night Emily Kallmeyer had been New Haven's libero because of issues she's had with her shoulder.  Hoener said, "Emily is a more experienced front row player and we are better when she can swing."

Kallmeyer led New Haven with nine kills, but once again New Haven had a balanced attack; Kayla Meyer and Taylor Covington each had seven kills and Rachel Steinhoff and Olivia Fleer finished with five.

Hoener said, "We talked about what was open, Taylor knew it, just missed it by a couple of inches.  That's the way it goes sometimes."

Borgia was able to survive and force a third set after Audrey Arand's back to back kills gave Borgia the win, 27-25.  Watch how the second set unfolded.

The third set was as heart pounding as the first two.  Neither team led by more than two points until the two teams were tied for the sixth time, 20-20, before Borgia rattled off five straight points, improving to 19-3 on the year.

Coach Bruns about Monday night's win.

Borgia's had several games this year where they were down and somehow were able to come back and win.

"For some reason it's always late, always in time enough where we don't lose the match and I'm proud of the girls for digging in and not giving up."

"I'm so impressed with New Haven and the level of talent they have this year the way they played tonight their a State Championship looking team.  They were so aggressive, we dropped some bombs and so many times it didn't matter what we threw at New Haven they always had an answer.  Again I credit New Haven, they played a heck of a match and played hard."

Erin Scheer makes a tough dig in New Haven's JV win on Monday night.

The JV is now a perfect 15-0 after New Haven swept Union in their first FRC match.  They are off to a blazing start, winning both the Linn and Pacific Tournaments.

New Haven has lost just one set, which came in last weekends championship match verse Hermann, who they will play for the second time in less than two weeks on Thursday.

Coach Hoener shares her thoughts.

New Haven knew going into Monday night's game they would have their hands full, but how would they respond after loosing two tough matches to Winfield on Saturday.

"We had practice on Sunday and talked about what we did not do well on Saturday and what we need to do well throughout the rest of the season. We can't change our results from Saturday, but we can learn from it and become better because of it."

"This group of girls are an intelligent group - very logical.   They can take a situation, analyze it, and figure out how to do things differently."

"I told them before the game that Borgia would have their kills, aces, blocks, and digs.  We can not get stuck on one play.  We have to move on and we did."

"There are very few times that I am pleased after a loss.  I think this was one of them.  I keep thinking about how close we were and what might have been.  But, at the same time, I feel like we played, really, really hard and I'm pleased with their efforts."

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New Haven heads to Hermann on Thursday and then next Tuesday will begin pool play in the Hermann Volleyball Tournament.   Click here to download tournament bracket.