Laura Miller’s 5th Novel - When Cicadas Cry - Set For Early Release In July

--When Cicadas Cry, a small-town, second-chance romance by local author Laura Miller, is set to release this July.

When Cicadas Cry is Miller’s fifth novel and is a story about a rural Missouri boy who meets and falls in love with the new girl in town.

“This is my first book where I have woven two perspectives into one story,” Miller said. “So, you’ll get to hear both the guy’s and the girl’s thoughts throughout the book.”

Miller said the story is also told in alternating past and present.

“When the book starts, Rem and Ashley, the two main characters, aren’t together,” she said. “But every other chapter gives you a glimpse into their past. So, the more you learn about Ashley and Rem, the closer you get to finding out what ultimately drove them apart.”

All of Miller’s books take place in rural Missouri, and more specifically, in or around the New Haven area, where Miller grew up. And she said her new book is no exception.

“I really enjoy writing stories where the setting and the characters make me feel as if I’m back home,” said Miller, a new resident of Kansas City. “That’s how I felt writing When Cicadas Cry. And I’m hoping readers feel that way, too.”

And as far as what audience her latest book will appeal to most, Miller said she doesn’t write for an audience, necessarily.

“I write stories,” Miller said. “They just come to me, and I never really have an audience in mind. I guess the best I can say is that I write for people who want to escape to a simpler time. I write for people who want to re-experience what it’s like to fall in love for the first time. And really, I write for those of us who want to follow two lives and watch them as they make mistakes and stumble and laugh.”

Miller’s When Cicadas Cry is available for pre-order on and is due out for an early release on July 14. Her previous novels, Butterfly Weeds, My Butterfly, For All You Have Left and By Way of Accident can be found on, online at Barnes and Noble and on iTunes and Kobo.

When Cicadas Cry back cover summary:

One moment. One moment can shape our entire life.

One deep breath.
One slow exhale.
One painted sunrise. 
One taste of forbidden love.
  One word spoken too soon.
One word spoken too late.
One dance with a stranger.
One wayward memory. 

One secret kept just a moment too long.

That’s all it takes.

But what I didn’t know when we locked eyes that first time was that every moment we shared was just another moment leading up to that one that would forever change the course of our lives.

It was the moment that I knew he knew.

It was just a hunch, a feeling, a soft whisper to my soul. But it was in that moment—that one, life-altering instant—that I knew I had lost him.

When Omaha-native Ashley Westcott suddenly shows up in Remington Jude’s small, Missouri town, she’s the talk of the town. When she leaves abruptly one day, the rumors fly. But only Rem knows why she left, and he’s not talking. 

About the Author:

LAURA MILLER is the national best-selling author of the novels, Butterfly Weeds, My Butterfly, For All You Have Left, By Way of Accident and When Cicadas Cry. She grew up in the New Haven, Mo., area, graduated from New Haven High School and earned a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

She spent some time as a newspaper reporter prior to writing fiction. Miller currently lives in Kansas City, Mo., with her husband. Visit her and learn more about her books at

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