Letter to Editor: Don't believe what you read in the newspaper

UPDATE:  We have received numerous phone calls requesting to read what was sent to the Leader.  Click here to download the document.

You, Buck Collier New Haven Leader Editor, sent out questionnaires to the mayoral candidates to be filled out.  The questionnaire stated they should make it as short or as long as they felt necessary.

You (Collier) then opted to pick and choose what you wanted to use out of the answers given.  All information given to you (per your request) should have been printed as it was given to you.

You (Collier) then felt obligated to inject your personal opinion on the front page as opposed to putting another candidate's answer there.  

You sir, were not the one taking calls from concerned citizens about the issue of taxes, my husband and I were. It was a mistake not to say "property tax", which is what this was all about, not sales tax.  

After listening to those citizens, we could see their point of view; they are simply worried about someone not having their best interest at heart.

I have the highest respect for anyone who runs for office with the best interest of all citizens at heart.

These phone calls were not from (in your words) "a privileged class of citizens" but from younger families to some senior citizens on fixed incomes.

It was you, Buck Collier, not George who chose to classify people as "second class" or "privileged class" citizens in your article.  I'm not sure what class you would give to those people but perhaps you will let us all know in your next, “At the River's Edge” column.

What a stretch of the imagination even for you, to compare the comment about being somewhat unethical to be on a board that could put tax increases (albeit should have read property taxes) on the table when an increase wouldn't affect them to a bygone era where only certain people could cast a vote.  How dare you make that comparison? 

If you had printed the entire paperwork sent to you, everyone would have known that it ended with this sentence.

"Whether you to choose to vote for me or one of the other candidates, I urge you to exercise your right to do so".

My husband, George Panhorst and myself both come from poor backgrounds. 

As a matter of fact unbeknownst to most, as a child my parents never owned  a house. I lived in homes with no indoor plumbing and no electricity in a small town before moving to New Haven when I was 11 yrs old. Often we were cold in winter and there wasn't always plenty of food on the table. 

What classification do you give me Buck Collier?  I would say Mr. Collier, but I reserve Mr. for people I respect and you are no longer one of them. 

By the way the American Recreation plant on Industrial Dr. was NOT sold.  It was the plant on Orchard St.

How embarrassing for an editor to put the wrong picture and the wrong address of story so important to the city. 

I would urge everyone to go to www.quicknewsnow.com to get correct and updated news stories and articles published the way they were written.

Shari Panhorst