Local, best-selling author Laura Miller releases latest novel - My Butterfly

My Butterfly is the second book in Miller’s Butterfly Weeds Series

National best-selling author Laura Miller debuted her latest novel today. My Butterfly is the sequel to her contemporary romance novel, Butterfly Weeds, which debuted last summer.

Miller said that My Butterfly tells the story through main character Will Stephens’ eyes as he balances his dangerous career as a firefighter with his love for Julia Lang. The two said their goodbyes years ago, but Will now hopes a song from their small-town Missouri past will help Julia stop and remember a life they once shared together. Will's only fear is that he’s waited too long to get his song to Julia's ears.

And Miller said that while her first novel was more of a descriptive narrative, her latest novel is packed with action and dialogue.

“I really do believe that you will enjoy Will's story,” Miller said. “It's full of behind-the-scenes action centered on Will's life as a firefighter and a musician. And in My Butterfly, you'll meet Will’s best friend, and you'll be introduced to the other girl in his life. And along the way, I think you'll learn more about Julia too.”

And as for any connections to Miller's hometown in her latest novel, Miller said that you might read about some familiar places.

"I used New Haven in a lot of ways to create the little town in the book," Miller said. "You'll probably recognize some of those places!"

Miller’s My Butterfly is available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and at other book retailers. Butterfly Weeds can be found on Amazon.com and online at Barnes and Noble.

About the Author

Laura Miller is author of the national best-selling novel, Butterfly Weeds. She grew up in New Haven, Mo., graduated from New Haven High School and later attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. While at Mizzou, Miller was a county government reporter for the Columbia Missourian.

She later graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism and spent years as a newspaper reporter for the Charleston Regional Business Journal and SCBiz magazine in Charleston, S.C., and the Boone County Journal in Ashland, Mo., before starting a career in fiction.

Miller currently lives in Columbia, Mo., with her husband, a meteorologist for KMIZ Channel 17 in Columbia. Visit Miller and learn more about her books at LauraMillerBooks.com.