Local Volunteer Firefighter Trains With Franklin County Homeland Security Response Team

Above shows responders manipulating pipes and fittings using their hands or non-sparking tools to simulate containing a leak from loose piping

Photos courtesy of Brian Strubberg.

Franklin County, Mo. - Franklin County’s Homeland Security Response Team (HRST) is the team is made up of specially trained first responders from around the county. The team is fully equipped to handle any type of biological and/or Hazards Material (HazMat) incidents that may occur in the county.

New Haven- Berger Fire was one of the initial participating agencies when the HSRT was formed and continues to play an active role today.

Pictured right Brian Strubberg puts on HazMat suit during training exercise.

Early this month, New Haven-Berger Fire Department’s Assistant Chief and apart of the HRST, Brian Strubberg participated in hands on training, simulating different types HazMat incidents.

New Haven-Berger Fire Department’s Assistant Chief and part of HRST Brian Strubberg said, “Having members from our department with specialized training and a members of HRST is a benefit to the district, if a call happen to be a HazMat incident we have crews who know what actions need to be taken.”

Strubberg said, “These teams usually occupy at least one additional day of training per month on top of the regular requirements by the District.”

“This training incorporated Level A suits that fully encapsulate the responder to provide the maximum level of protection.  The responder wears their respiratory device underneath the suit, as well as a hardhat and portable radio interfaced with the respiratory device.  These suits are extremely cumbersome, bulky, and hot.  They provide very limited visibility, dexterity, and maneuverability.”

In the event of a large scale attack on Missouri Franklin County’s HRST is fully equipped to assist other agencies.

The photo below shows responders placing a leaking drum into a larger drum to contain the leak.