UPDATE: New Information Released - Lonedell School Put On Lockdown After Threat Of Subject Coming To Shoot 5-Year-Old Student

(UPDATED 11-7-14) Initial statement below.
- The caller reporting the incident involving the Lonedell School was the suspect’s father.  The suspect’s name has not been released since he has not been charged.  He is a 30-year old white male from Richwoods in Washington County.  His condition is not known at this time.

The father reported that his son had called him upset over receiving notice that he was being investigated for alleged sexual abuse with a 5-year old female.  The case apparently originated in Jefferson County but was transferred to Franklin County DFS.  The subject had apparently received a notice that he was to appear at a hearing with Family Services.

The father stated his son told him that he was going to kill the family of the little girl and the girl.  The suspect drove to the girl’s residence on Finney road in Franklin County.  The girl’s father was home.  He observed the suspect approach his residence with a long gun.  The suspect reportedly walked around the residence where the father normally is working.  The girl’s father stated he grabbed a weapon and went outside to confront the suspect but he had left.

The suspect’s father stated that the suspect told him he was in route to the school to kill the girl and had also been to his (the suspect’s father’s) residence in Jefferson County and shot his vehicle.  The father was not home at that time.

A Franklin County Deputy was in the area of the school when the call came out.  The school was notified immediately and went on lockout.  There is a difference between lockdown and lockout.  Lockdown indicates there is an intruder or problem in the school.  Lockout means that no one is allowed in the school to protect the children from a potential intruder.  This is why parents were not allowed in the building to pick up their children.  Deputies arriving on the scene made sure that the girl was at the location and established a perimeter around the school.

It is not known if the subject saw the first deputy on the scene who was checking the parking areas or decided to pass the school and continue to his residence.  His father called a second time stating his son had just contacted him and was going to go home and commit suicide.  This was around the time the vehicle was observed by a Franklin County Highway Department worker on Hwy FF.

Franklin County Deputies had recently conducted training with Lonedell school officials on October 27 related to active shooter situations.  The training is conducted per requirement of Statute 170.315, Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri.  School officials followed this training creating a safe environment for the children in a potentially dangerous situation.  These situations are inherit to confusion and understandably, high emotions.  We appreciate the cooperation of school officials, and parents along with their understanding that these situations are rapidly evolving and communications is at times very difficult.

Inital statement (11-6-14) - Early Thursday evening Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke released a statement about Thursday afternoon’s incident regarding a report that a subject was headed to Lonedell School to shoot a 5-year old child.

Toelke said in his statement that at approximately 2:05 PM, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office received a call that a subject was going to Lonedell School to shoot a 5-year old child.

Family members reported that the subject was distraught after receiving a letter from Jefferson County that he had been charged in a sexual abuse case.

The reporting party told dispatchers that the suspect called him stating he had shot his truck and was headed to Lonedell School to shoot the child.

The caller lived in the Robertsville area.  A witness stated that they observed the suspect at a residence on Finny Road, (believed to be where the child lived but this has not been confirmed), get out of the car and walk around the residence carrying a long gun.  He then got back in his vehicle and left.

Lonedell School was contacted and immediately placed on lockdown.  Deputies responded to Lonedell School and the residence in Robertsville.

Deputies and the Missouri State Highway Patrol immediately secured the school and began searching the area for the subject.

A description of  the suspect and vehicle was broadcast to all law enforcement agencies by Franklin County Dispatchers.

A short time later a Franklin County Highway Department vehicle contacted the Sheriff’s Office stating they had observed the vehicle traveling south on Hwy FF just past Lonedell School the same highway that the school is located on.

It was determined that the suspect lived on Click Road off Hwy 47 a few miles inside Washington County.  Hwy FF intersects Hwy 47 near the Franklin Washington County line.

The Washington County Sheriff was contacted while Franklin County Deputies and State Troopers responded to that area. 

Neighbors of the suspect reported seeing the subject enter his residence with a rifle.  He later exited the residence and took the rifle up on his roof where they lost sight.  Law enforcement then began establishing a perimeter around the residence.

The Franklin County’s SWAT Team was called in to assist by Washington County. 

While establishing the perimeter the subject was observed by law enforcement exiting the residence with the rifle. 

Shots were fired and the subject was struck by gunfire.

No details have been released about the shots being fired as the incident is still under investigation.