BREAKING NEWS: NAACP Activist Begin March From Ferguson To Jefferson City Traveling Through Franklin County On Monday

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. - Sheriff Gary Toelke released a statement regarding reports of a group of individuals marching from Ferguson, Mo to Jefferson City.  NOTE: The group began their march on Sunday.

Sheriff Toelke said this morning confirming reports by various media agencies that a group of individuals will be marching from Ferguson, Missouri to Jefferson City, Missouri this week. 

Part of their route travels through Franklin County.  It is “estimated” that they will enter Franklin County sometime Monday morning or early afternoon. 

They are expected to complete their journey in Franklin County sometime Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning traveling on to Jefferson City. 

They are accompanied by two busses that will transport them back to the St. Louis area at the end of the day and bring them back to a starting point in the morning.

At this point, they will travel down Old Hwy 100 from the St. Louis County line, to Hwy AT, then to Hwy 50.  It is estimated that they will travel 15 to 22 miles a day until they reach their destination.

The group is organized by the NAACP.  It consists of NAACP members, clergy and other volunteers.  The group promotes non violence.

Law enforcement in Franklin County have been advised by authorities at the Ferguson Command Center that the group is peaceful.  Officials in cities where they have already traveled through support this information.

Individuals traveling this route between Monday and Thursday are request to be alert and exercise extra care.