New Haven Off To 3-0 Start - Concerns Coach Hoener Had Is Now Teams Biggest Attribute

Lady rocks show a little excitement after Megan Shockley smashed a kill in the second set of Wednesday's win over Cuba.

By Kyle Quick

New Haven (3-0) is off to their best start in three years after upending Cuba on Wednesday night in their home opener (25-19, 25-11) before picking up wins over Father Tolton Catholic (25-16, 25-14) and Belle (25-13, 25-15).

While New Haven has yet to be tested, one concern Coach Jaime Hoener had coming into the season has turned out being the teams biggest attribute.

Coach Hoener's concern was how the girls would gel as a team, "you had the juniors who were so tight with each other and the seniors who were so tight, but they have not always been tight with each other. After going through so much together in practices and conditioning... they don't view each other as 'she's a junior or she's a senior' they are all teammates."

"They are so inviting to each other.  They get so excited when someone makes a kill.  I don't care if it's our number one hitter or number 14 hitter, they are just excited when anybody gets a kill.  It's just nice to see girls who care that much about each other."

Junior Mackenzy Vedder recorded a career high 23 assists in New Haven's win over Cuba.

Hoener said, "Mackenzy is working really hard.  The difference in speed of the game between JV and Varsity is huge.  But she has gotten better each game... she made a play Wednesday night that a week ago she wouldn't have been able to make.

She's adjusting to the faster pace.  I think she will keep improving and do just fine."

Hoener said she would take these kind of players every time over the most talented players who don't care about each other.

New Haven's mental toughness will be pushed to the max this week as they will travel over 400 miles over the course of four days.  They begin their road trip tomorrow night as they travel to Chamois followed by Montgomery County on Thursday before heading to Cape Girardeau for the SEMO Volleyball Classic.

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The JV team hopes to remain undefeated as they will play in the Linn Tournament on Friday. (Note: Once we have copies of the bracket they will be posted in the Sports Zone.)

Same as in years past, QuickNewsNow will bring live coverage from Cape Girardeau both Friday night and throughout Saturday.

New Haven will begin pool play Friday night with their first match at 6:10 p.m. against Marquand and second match at 7:50 p.m. against Leopold.  They will end pool play Saturday morning at 8 a.m. against Sikeston.

We plain on telecasting the 7:50 game live on QuickNewsNow.  We will keep you up dated on other possible telecasts.