BREAKING NEWS: New Haven/ Berger Responds To Third Brush Fire In Two Days - 12 Brush Fires In Franklin County

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - It’s obvious that people have yet to figure out not to burn when; number one it is dry and number two high wind speeds.  Already today there have been six brush fires across Franklin County, matching yesterday’s total as ignorance and the lack of common sense is putting firefighters lives and property at risk for no reason.  Read full article below....

Pictured above you can see the burned area.

Earlier this afternoon at approximately 1:30 p.m. New Haven/ Berger volunteer firefighters responded to the 10,000 block of Highway 100, just east of the third brush fire in two days. The cause has not been determined.

Fortunately firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire but in our live report there is video footage and a perfect example of how fast fire can spread across dry and dead vegetation.

Yesterday, volunteer fire departments in Franklin County along with Hermann Fire Department in Gasconade County responded to six brush fires in just a three hour period.  We can confirm that three of those fires were the result of carelessness on the part of individuals.

Today one brush fire, which has now gone to a second alarm in Pacific, was the cause of one house being destroyed as firefighters are still battling that blaze as we speak.

At the time of this article (3:00p.m.) St. Clair is currently working a brush fire while Boles Fire is currently working two brush fires.  That brings to the total number of brush fires in the past two days to 12.

Aside from it being dry and low humidity, winds have been gusting between 20 and 30 mph between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.  Yesterday when fire crews were nearly overwhelmed with calls, winds were gusting between 16 and 24 mph between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.  Both yesterday and today during the same time frame is when fire crews have responded to all the fires.