New Haven needs more industry Not more apartment complexes

Letter to the Editor:  Ronald K. Willimann

It’s a well-known fact that the city council of New Haven is still trying to get affordable housing in New Haven.

As you drive through the streets of New Haven you will see plenty of “For Rent” signs and most of the rent for these available apartments are in line with the rent that is to be charged for the new apartments.

So if New Haven has plenty of affordable rental units for rent, why do we need 40 more units?

Go vote April 2.

A couple can move into a 1-bedroom apartment, but as their wages go up they have to move into a 2-bedroom apartment and wages go up again they have to move into a 3-bedroom apartment.  Who is going to check everyone’s paychecks that rent there?

Tax credits are set up and controlled by the federal government.  Maybe they are in charge of these programs, jus as they are in charge of overseeing welfare, food stamps, U.S. Post Office and many of their well-organized programs.

I have talked to a couple of people about tax credits and no one seems to know much about them.  I have also talked to the city administrator and he stated it was very confusing.  I think if the city council wants this project in New Haven they should understand how this works and if this is a good thing or bad thing.

Vote April 2.

What New Haven needs are more industries for people who are unemployed.  I hear the American Recreation building have been sold but the “For Sale” signs are still up, so it’s hard to say.

These buildings and other available buildings in both industrial tracts are empty.  Maybe the city council should DREAM about that.

Can you imagine how much more revenue and sales tax that would bring into the city.  They wouldn’t have to raise sales tax by 1/8 or 1/4 of a cent or raise water and sewer usage tax as talked about recently.

I know the Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC) has turned down this housing project twice in New Haven.  I think the MHDC knows this is not a priority for this area.  The MHDC seems to know more about what New Haven needs than some of the city fathers do, and surely more than Denise Mathisen from Oklahoma that has been to New Haven several times to talk to the city council about how great these apartments are for New Haven.

Denise Mathisen works for Miller O’Reilly who is the developer of the apartment complex and is from Springfield, Mo.

If New Haven needs this project so badly a person would think the city council would get some local firm to build them.  Remember, I said earlier to put local people back to work.

Be sure to vote April 2.