New Haven Police Issue Stern Warning To Drivers: School Starts Next Week

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - New Haven Police Chief John Sheible would like to remind motorists that the new school year is upon us. As in years past, the officers will be watching for unsafe driving around all schools.

“We’ve noticed that many people don’t seem to understand the area at the Highway 100 and Douglas St. intersection. There is a crosswalk there, and it is well marked with a flashing yellow light and signs. Drivers must yield to people crossing in the crosswalk", said Chief Sheible.

"Officers will be watching, and we will be writing citations.”

Often, drivers seem unaware that there are kids waiting to cross, and do not even slow down.  Many kids walk to school, and this is one of the most dangerous areas.

In addition, many of the students don’t seem to realize that the speed limit in the park is 15 miles per hour. Police will also be watching that area, especially while the weather is pleasant and younger kids are playing in the park.

Finally, the streets around the Elementary School, Miller and Elton Streets, are 15 mile per hour speed limits during school hours. While many see the officers parked in various places, you may not notice the policemen standing with hand-held radar. 

“We stop many of the same people over and over again,” Chief Sheible said. “They tend to use the excuse of ‘I was not paying attention’. Well, driving a car through a school zone requires your attention. If you can’t see the black and white speed limit sign, how will you see the kid darting out chasing a toy?”

School begins Thursday, August 14.