70 NHHS Future Business Leaders of America Give Back To Community - Raking Leaves

The "Leaf Raking A Team" and their truck filled with leaves.

By Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. - This afternoon 70 members of New Haven High School's Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) were doing their part in giving back to the community.

For 13 years now FBLA members have been raking leaves for elderly homeowners in a community project they call "Drive by Raking."

"New Haven High School is so lucky to have such a supportive community" said, FBLA President Taylor Skouby.  "Drive by Raking is a way for us (FBLA members) to give back to the community and we all have a great time doing it."

Meagan Ley and Erin Scheer dumping leafs into their truck to haul away.

On a day when students were given a half day for parent teacher conferences, instead of enjoying the afternoon at home the 70 FBLA members, which is nearly 50% of NHHS students, spent hours raking leaves and hauling them away from 15 homes.

There is a lot of preplanning and organization that goes into making each year's "Drive by Raking" a success.  Skouby said the most challenging part is, "Creating the teams that will work well together."

"We have a committee who takes care of determining what yards and what teams will rake each yard.  Some yards are much bigger than others, but since FBLA has been doing this project for so long, putting together a good strategic plan gets easier each year."

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