Over $160,000 Funds Committed Funds To New Haven Community Track Project

New Haven, Mo. - Since holding a town hall meeting on November 21, 2013 after members of several local businesses and New Haven High School alumni joined forces to form “The Committee to Build a New Track” over 97 individuals and businesses have committed a total of $161,277.

In two months nearly half of the estimated $350,00 have been raised and a testament about how NHHS alumni, area businesses, and the New Haven and surrounding areas consistently support the New Haven School District.

If you would like information about making a donation mailed to you please fill out the form below.

You can also read our article that includes information from the town hall meeting as well as how to make a donation.

Next week we will have a featured article answering several questions people have asked for example, “If the $350,000 goal is not achieved what will the money be used for”.

The committee has also established a Facebook Page where you can find additional information as well as stay up to date on the progress of The New Haven Community Track Project.

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