Over $39,000 In Savings For New Haven/Berger Fire District Taxpayers

Pictured Left to right:  Brad Eisenbath, District Sales Manager for Monsanto, Assistant Chief Brian Strubberg, and Lyle and Evelyn Scheible.

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - The New Haven-Berger Fire Protection District has just completed a months long transition into upgraded radio equipment.

In January of this year the District purchased used radios from the Cedar Hill Fire Protection District, needing only new batteries to put them to use.

Standard practice of spending budgeted new equipment funds is to wait until years end in case equipment or apparatus repairs are needed and exceed budgeted monies.  However, thanks to the generosity of others the District was able to move forward.

The District received a $2,500 grant through Monsanto’s America’s Farmers Grow Communities fund.  This grant was presented to the District on behalf of the Lyle and Evelyn Scheible family.  The District received a $750 personal donation, of whom wishes to remain anonymous.

Mounting brackets were manufactured and donated by GR Fabrication of Marthasville.  Assistant Chief Brian Strubberg programmed and installed the radios at only minimal supply cost to the District. 

The new radios are 20 years newer than the previous District radios.  They are smaller, lighter, and have more channel selections.  Their batteries have special microchips to help with battery maintenance and life span.  Most importantly, the new radios greatly increase the safety of the District’s VOLUNTEER firefighters.  Communications are a key component to any fire scene and now the District has a radio for every seat of every fire truck, leaving no one without.

Projected costs for the exact new equipment is $45,000 after trade in.  By purchasing used radios, selling the old radios, and receiving generous donations, the District completed the project for $5,770.  Total tax payer savings of over $39,000.