QUICK THOUGHT: Could you live with knowing that if you would have stayed home, a first responder would not be dead

By Kyle Quick

No matter what plans you had for today there is nothing more valuable than someone’s life.  Six hours of staying home is better than a lifetime knowing you were the cause of a first responder being killed. We do not mean to sound harsh but these are not things people take into consideration.

We spoke briefly with Franklin County and since snow began falling they have received hundreds of 911 calls, the vast majority of them are drivers who have slid off the road and were uninjured.

After working as a paramedic for 10 years there is one thing people tend to forget when it snows is that people still have heart attacks or a strokes just like any other day.  

There were countless times we would be responding for a report of a vehicle “off the roadway” only to have our second truck dispatched for someone having a heart attack.

There are only so many ambulances.  When people choose not to either stay home or take their time on the roadways and crash, you are also taking away an ambulance that someone else actually needs.

The vast majority of the time we spent five minutes where the car slid off because either there was no one around the car or did not want to even be checked out.

Here are a few things most motorists do not think about.

1. If you pass a car that is in the ditch make a mental note of two things if you decide to call 911.

Try to provide as many details to describe the vehicle.  Secondly provide as much information about the location.  A road you may have passed, ENS number, mile marker on the interstate and whether it is eastbound or westbound.

Never hesitate calling 911 but this information will help dispatchers because they keep track of every vehicle that is reported off the roadway.

2.  If you slide off the road and do not want an ambulance and there is no property damage make sure to either call 911 or the MSHP, give them a description of your car and location so in the event a passerby calls 911 then they do not have to send out fire departments, ambulances, or police officers.

Every time first responders have to respond to a 911 call they are risking their lives and can just as easily be involved in an accident because of the roadways.

Everything I have mentioned are things to think about and nothing more than that.  We live in a fast paced world but sometimes we need to slow down and consider the consequences and possibilities of what could happen.

Living a lifetime knowing that you were the result of a first responder being killed, who was a dad, mom, husband, wife, or a brother or sister, is far worse than missing a hair appointment or having to wait and go shopping later in the day.

Could you live the rest of your life knowing this?

Information contained in this article is not professional advice or meant as a guide you must follow.  This is an editoral to give people something to consider.  Never should you hesitate to call 911.