Quick Thought: Missouri Representatives sign laws but make their own rules - We can smoke but you can't

By Kyle Quick

What I am about to tell you may cause increased heart rate and high blood pressure, you may suffer several “shock and awe” attacks, or a “jaw dropping” injury.  (Sit back from anything your jaw could fall and hit.)

Before you “read more” here is a small dose of this experimental drug, “Shooish-Keepitic-Quiet”.

The next time you visit the Missouri House of Representatives bring along a pack of cigarettes, visit a Republican’s office and light it up.  Yes that is right, Republicans can smoke all they want in their offices…continuing reading at your own risk.

I want to make it clear this has nothing to do with smoking.  Frankly, I could care less if a Republican wants to sit in his office and smoke all day.  This is about following the same laws that you and I have to follow.

The House Rules Committee voted on Tuesday to allow Representatives to smoke in their offices in the State Capitol. Democrats have banned smoking by their members and presented the Rules Committee with a proposal to ban smoking in all Representatives’ offices.

But all 8 Republican members on the committee voted to keep the rule as is. Smoking is banned in the State Capitol hallways, but lawmakers’ and office holders' offices have always operated under their own rules.

It is fare to say, based on their actions; Republican Representatives (Law makers) feel they are above the law.  Actually every time they take a puff they are violating state law.

Ironically, the same publically elected offices also passed a law in 2008, commonly known as The Missouri Clean Indoor Air Law, which explicitly prohibits “Smoking in a public place…” (Ch. 191 Section 191.767-1)

I am not implying or suggesting anything, but if they are allowed to make a “rule” that violates one state law what other “rules” have they made?

I wonder what would happen if I were visiting a Republican in his office and whipped out a cigarette and had a smoke.  Think about it, I pay part of his salary.

You know they should have a "Smoke with your Representative Day".

I leave you with a quote by an unknown author, “What we do comes out of who we believe we are.”