REO Speadwagon Live From Washington T&C Fair And The Story Behind Their Return

Photo by Kyle Quick
Washington, Mo. - Friday night REO Speedwagon returned to the Washington Town and Country Fair after trying to ride out the storm that crashed last year's REO concert, there is a neat story behind REO coming back this year, making 2013 one of the best lineups ever seen in Washington.

Once the rain had slowed down enough, REO's lead singer Kevin Patrick Cronin noticed a past main stage manager walking outside and ran over to him and after a 20 minute conversation Cronin asked if the Fair Board would have them back this year.  Generally the process of booking an entertainer takes months, in less than a week the contract was signed.

So, if you couldn't make it to see REO or just want to relive some of the concert, sit back and enjoy, because this is for all you REO fans.