Schenck Wins Second Race - MS Boys Take First At Hermann

Hermann, Mo. - Tuesday, the Hermann Cross Country Inventional began with Abby Grater taking second place in the middle school girls race. 

The middle school boys team won their first race on the year, led by Nathan Ford's taking second and Ryan Blankenship (9) and Kyle Brumels (10) both finishing in the top ten.

Coach John Tucker's top three varsity boys finished in the top ten, led by the Shamrock senior Seth Schenck (17:22.00), winning his second race on the year followed with Zach Grater (9) and Dominick Pataky (10).

With Districts less than three weeks away, "I think we are improving but I'm not sure if it is going to be enough by Districts," Tucker said.  "Both Linn and Russellville are stacked and even though our top three runners will have no problem being in the top five to eight at Districts, we need our fourth and fifth to step up if we are going to advance as a team."

Schenck is having a career season, finishing in the top three at every race thus far and picked up his first win of the season earlier this month at Warrenton.

Simply put, Schenck is a beast.

His strength and Cardio-vascular system have put him in position to win races, but it's his patients and strategy in every race that has set him apart from everyone else.

"Seth [Schenck] is probably the smartest and hardest working cross country runner I've had" Tucker, said.

Pictured Fey Chavez.

You will never see Schenck out in first place after the first mile or possibly after the second mile.  At Hermann, Schenck patiently waited until about 800 meters left in the race before making his move to win by 19 seconds in front of Hermann's Grant Uthlaut.

Schenck's strategy has been the same all year, run each mile faster. (Negative Intervals)

Tucker told QNN, "Seth is the first runner I have felt comfortable with doing this. You are right that it takes patience but he has faith in what I'm telling him to do and as you've seen it is working."

New Haven's Girls Team

With Fey Chavez's ninth place finish at Hermann, the outlook for Tucker's girls team is slightly more promising.

"Our girls should be competitive at Districts, we have run well against the schools we have seen except for Russellville" Tucker, said.

Pictured: Lucy Roth makes the sharp turn just before the finish line, coming in 26th place.

"At Hermann we saw Columbia Independent School (CIS) for the first time and our goal was to beat them which we did" Tucker added.

New Haven has just three meets until Districts on Nov. 2 at Fatima.  This Tuesday they will run at Owensville then at Big Driver on Saturday.

Note: Official middle school results are not available due to issues with the timing system.

Boys Varsity Results

1  Seth Schenck         17:22.00
9  Zach Grater           18:06.32
10 Dominick Pataky    18:26.61
27 Keven McDowell     19:33.64
33 Cole Lensing          20:16.83
37 Alex Majors            20:36.46
45 Drew Armfield        21:54.45

Girls Varsity Results

9   Fey Chavez             23:00.73
23 Emily Lewis             24:35.02
26 Lucy Roth                24:48.14  
29 Clare Roth               25:16.31
34 Hannah Kruse          26:15.62
43 Kamilla Magnussen   27:33.19