Shamrock School Spirit Is A Tradition Like None Other

By Kyle Quick
- After losing in Friday’s third place game, as the players began walking off the court the MIzzou Arena went completely silent when New Haven’s Cheerleaders and student body began singing their school song.

At that very moment I realized that the 11 players had a greater impact on their fellow students and fans than they could’ve ever imagined, a even greater impact than winning a state championship.

I asked a member from MSHSAA, who has been with them for decades, if he had ever seen anything like that.  He smiled and said, “No… that was a special thing to see.”

Coach Doug Peirick said, “It was just a neat experience to see all your fans and student body cheering for you, then to have a moment as we were walking off the court it just a very neat experience.”

Senior Rachel Steinhoff said, “For me it was awesome and the kind of support you find in a small town and front and center were the boys, who had never gotten to experience something like this and for them to be as supportive as they were really meant a lot and was amazing.  We have really good friends and a great class…I’m gonna miss it all.”

For the 11 girls who stood on the court of the Mizzou Arena as they listened and sang along was a memory they will cherish the rest of their lives.

Having been at New Haven High School for over 30 years I asked High School Athletic Director Ray Steinhoff what it says about New Haven to have your student body start singing the school’s song.

Ray Steinhoff said, “That was really neat.  I think you could tell it impressed everybody down at Farmington when they did it the first time and then in Columbia, the whole place just went quite.  I think the whole place was in ah that there was that much school spirit.  It spoke volumes about our school.”

Ray Steinhoff also said he was sitting by some people who were not from New Haven and after it was over they said, “Man that was awesome.”

Another unique tradition about New Haven and it does not matter if you play sports, march in the band, every time students return from any kind of activity as soon as the bus makes turn after passing the American Legion, everyone starts singing the school song.  This tradition has been passed down for decades and timing it so that as they begin pulling into school, they yell, S-H-A-M-R-O-C-K-S… Shamrocks…. Shamrocks… The Best!

Shamrock fans and New Haven High School is like none other.