Shamrocks Drop Fourth Straight in 16-0 Loss To Sullivan

Kyle Ruediger leads the team in hitting with a .304 season average.

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - In New Haven’s (2-7) last three games they’ve committed 12 errors and have gone 9-68 from the plate, striking out 35 times and one of Coach Jim Scheer’s biggest concern are the 15 times they’ve struck out looking.

On a positive not for New Haven has been their pitching with the exception to a hitting clinic Sullivan put on in Monday’s loss, racking up 16 hits in five innings.

Scheer said, “Our pitching has been ok but our defense has not lived up to really where I think we should be defensively.  We’ve given up way to many unearned runs and Monday we just played against a good hitting team in Sullivan.”

The Shamrocks four straight losses came at the hands of Hermann(14-8), St. James(4-2), Union(4-1), and then Sullivan. (Game summary bellows)

After their loss on Monday Scheer told his team, “Thursday we play another good team in Pacific, which will be another very tough team. But basically I told them that it’s early in the season, it’s not like we just give up now, you go out daily and try to make yourself better in practice… make small improvements - big improvements, but we can’t just hang our heads and can’t go into Thursday’s game against Pacific thinking we’re already beaten.”

Scheer also stressed on attitude, “We’ve got to have some positive attitudes, not hanging our heads.  I think attitude is going to be really important.”

In both losses to St. James and Union the key factor was the four runs in each game being unearned.

St. James 4 New Haven 2

After beating St. James in the Four Rivers Baseball Classic 4-3 two days prior, New Haven’s Garret Schoenfeld was a workhorse on the bump, throwing a complete game, giving up eight hits, walked three, and struck out five but got little help from his defense as all four runs were unearned.

St. James three run rally in the second inning began with Schoenfeld hitting the leadoff batter.  Then with two on and no one out an error would lead to the Tigers scoring three runs in the inning.

New Haven would get one run back in the third after Cole Lensing would knock a one single then eventually score making 3-1.  In the same inning after Ross Seitter reached on by an error and Schoenfeld drawing a two out walk, Tyler Stroble would strike out looking to end the inning.

In the fifth inning St. James would score off an error in a play that would have ended the inning.

In the bottom of the seventh with two out Kyle Ruediger was hit by a pitch on a 3-2 count the Schoenfeld drew a walk before Stroble would reach on a error by St. James’s second baseman and scoring Ruediger. (4-2)

But New Haven’s two out rally would end after Brandon Carey went down swinging and the 13th strike out recorded by St. James.

 1234567R HE
St. James03001004 82
New Haven00100022 43

2B: Kyle Ruediger
HITS: Cole Lensing, Cameron Pritchett, Tyler Storble.

Garret Schoenfeld7.0835405.3

New Haven  1 Union 4

Coach Scheer couldn’t have asked for a better outing from Ross Seitter, throwing a complete game, striking out five, allowing no earned runs off six hits and no walks.

Union scored one run in the second inning after Seitter retired the leadoff hitter and after giving up a single, the following hitter reached on base off a ground ball hit to third and off the glove of Cameron Pritchett, which eventually would lead to Union scoring one run.

While New Haven’s defense provided Seitter with little support, the Shamrocks continued struggling at the plat, striking out 14 times, scoring just one run off three hits.

“We have to make plays in the field.  Ross threw a good game, giving us a chance to win, but again our hitting has been scares.  At the same time credit to Union, their kid threw a really good game and we can expect to see good pitching again against Pacific.  We just need to be more aggressive at the plate and widen our strike zone when the count is something and two.”

 1234567R HE
New Haven00001001 34
Union013000-4 83

HITS: 2 Kyle Ruediger, Ross Seitter
RBI: Kyle Ruediger

Ross Seitter6.0605401.1