Shamrock's State Team Hosts Say Thank You

Pictured left to right are Carl Schaeperkoetter and Judy Russell, hosts for the Shamrocks while playing in the Class 2 State Final Four.

To the editor:

Congratulations to the New Haven Lady Shamrocks on their third straight appearance at the Show-Me Showdown this past weekend.

We had the privilege to be team hosts for the Lady Shamrocks.  We had the opportunity to spend time with Coaches Doug Peirick and Tim Scheer.  They were gracious with their time and generous with their insights for us.

We also had the opportunity to be around the basketball players.  They were a positive and enthusiastic group of young ladies, reflecting well on their school and their community.  You should be proud of the excellent impression they made in Columbia.

Congratulations to the town, the high school, and most importantly the TEAM.  We hope to see the Lady Shamrocks back again for future Show-Me Showdowns.


Jody Russell
Carl Schaeperkoetter