Union 18-Year-Old Arrested While Trying To Recycle Stolen Items

Washington, Mo. - Thursday morning Franklin County Deputies arrested an 18-year-old male after he attempted to recycle items he had stolen earlier that morning.

Yesterday morning at 10:56 a.m. Franklin County Deputies began investigating a theft of tools and steel from Carter Waters Incorporated located at 6549 Meyer Drive, in Washington, Mo.

Employees of Carter Water also contacted local recycling centers and asked them to watch for the stolen property and steel that was missing from their facility.

While Deputies were on scene of the theft, a recycling center from Washington re-contacted Carter Waters and advised they believed the stolen property just arrived and the suspect was still at the business.

Washington Police responded and detained the suspect at the request of Deputies.

Upon further investigation, Deputies and Washington Police recovered some of the stolen property from Carter Water as well as property that was stolen from Quipcon Corporation located at #20 Highline Drive in Union, Mo.

Quipcon had not discovered the theft at the time of the property recovery.

The name of the 18-year-old white male from Union, Mo who was arrested for the thefts will not be released until formal charges are filed and the investigation is still ongoing.