UPDATED: New Haven-Berger Fire Respond To First Alarm House Fire On Sunset

UPDATED: Tuesday 5:05 p.m.
New Haven, Mo. - In this morning’s house fire, firefighters were able to make an interior attack through the garage and into the kitchen where according to the home owner the fire had started.

When firefighters went to hook up to a near by fire hydrant, however when opened up there was no water.

Earlier this afternoon we spoke with New Haven City Administrator Steve Roth asking  why the hydrant was not working.

(It is important to note that fire crews were able to extinguish the fire without needing extra water from a hydrant.)

Roth said, “First there is no reason or excuse why a hydrant would ever be turned of or not working properly.”  After we initially spoke with Roth he contacted Public Works Director Peter Otten to begin investigating what may have caused of the hydrant to not be working.

Roth said that Otten was very unhappy and would immediately begin working to determine what the issue was.

Roth said that Brad Maune is one of the city workers who oversees the water department.  Roth also said that flow testing on all city hydrants are regularly done and could not understand why a hydrant would be turned off, if that is the case and not some other type of malfunction.

We will keep you updated if more information becomes available.


New Haven, Mo. - Late this morning at 11:03 a.m. New Haven/Berger Fire Crews were dispatched to the 800 block of Sunset Lane for a first alarm house fire.

Kyle Quick brings you a live report from the scene as we work to gather more information on the cause and speak with city officials as to why no water came from a fire hydrant when firefighters attempted turning it on. (Alarm was placed under control at 12 p.m. as fire officials work to determine the exact cause.)