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Firefighters Respond To Casey’s For Subject Locked In Office Room

New Haven/Berger firefighters use a sledge hammer and halligan bar to pry off the outside door handle.

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Late this afternoon at 4:04 p.m. New Haven/Berger Fire Crews responded to Casey’s General Store, located on Highway 100 in New Haven, Mo, for a subject locked inside an office room.

According to one store employee, the subject had entered the office room when the door shut behind him, however the door does not actually have a lock on it, resulting in the individual being locked in and unable to get out.

UPDATED: Another Tractor Trailer Overturns On Highway E - Roof Of Trailer Ripped Off

UPDATED: 9:03 P.M.
-  According to the MSHP, 61-year-old Jerry Burns of Wolfe City, Tx sustained minor injuries after he failed to negotiate a curve in the roadway causing him to travel off the north side of the roadway before striking several trees.

UPDATED: Three Seriously Injured In Head-On Crash Leaving Highway 100 Shutdown For Over An Hour

UPDATE: Sunday March 16th 1:00 p.m. - Three transported with serious injuries

NEW HAVEN, Mo - According the MSHP three people sustained serious injuries in yesterday’s head-on crash that occurred on Highway 100 at the east city limits of New Haven, Mo.

The MSHP says that 37-year-old male (note: the MSHP report has the Keith Koeller, we were just informed his first name is Heath) Heath Koeller of Hermann, Mo. was driving a 2006 Ford Escape when he crossed the center line, hitting a 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer head-on.

Emergency Resources Tapped Because People Ignoring Statewide No Burn Ban

5:14 - New Haven/Berger and Union Fire just dispatched to assist Beaufort/Leslie for another brush fire.

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Fire Departments across Franklin County are once again battling brush fires as people continue to ignore a statewide Burn Ban due to high winds and extremely dry conditions.  Due to the large number of brush fires, Franklin County 911 has gone into emergency operations.

New Haven/Berger Fire responded to the 4200 block of Kiel Lyon Road at 3:03 p.m. this afternoon for a brush fire after the home owner decided to burn two large piles of brush despite winds steady at 10-15 mph and at the time of the call wins were gusting up to 32 mph.

BREAKING NEWS: Beaufort/Leslie Fire Battles Brush Fire - "Someone Told Me To Burn My Trash"

Above is where an individual was burning trash in the barrel which resulted into homes sustaining damage. (More photos and video footage once we return from Leslie.)

LESLIE, Mo. - At this time there is not a single fire department in Franklin County that does not have crews out battling brush fires, leaving volunteer fire departments tapped for resources.

At approximately 5 p.m. this evening Beaufort/Leslie fire initially responded to the area between Leslie and East Avenue for a brush, which was quickly upgraded to a first alarm structure fire after it quickly spread to two neighboring homes.

BREAKING NEWS: New Haven/ Berger Responds To Third Brush Fire In Two Days - 12 Brush Fires In Franklin County

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - It’s obvious that people have yet to figure out not to burn when; number one it is dry and number two high wind speeds.  Already today there have been six brush fires across Franklin County, matching yesterday’s total as ignorance and the lack of common sense is putting firefighters lives and property at risk for no reason.  Read full article below....

Columbia Fire Fighter Dies In Line Of Duty

Above is a picture of the appartment complex where the collapse occurred.

Columbia, Mo. - A Columbia firefighter has died after trying to help evacuate University of Missouri students from their apartments after a second-story walkway collapsed.

The Columbia Fire Department issued a news release Saturday morning announcing the firefighter's death. He was not being identified until relatives can be notified.

The exterior walkway at University Village apartment complex collapsed about 4 a.m. Saturday, but school officials said no apartment residents were hurt.

UPDATED: New Haven-Berger Fire Respond To First Alarm House Fire On Sunset

UPDATED: Tuesday 5:05 p.m.
New Haven, Mo. - In this morning’s house fire, firefighters were able to make an interior attack through the garage and into the kitchen where according to the home owner the fire had started.

When firefighters went to hook up to a near by fire hydrant, however when opened up there was no water.

Earlier this afternoon we spoke with New Haven City Administrator Steve Roth asking  why the hydrant was not working.