Gerald Sewell

Gerald Sewell
Personal Bio/Background

Age 48, married 28 years, carpenter 24 years.

Owned and operated construction company 10 years

Moved to New Haven 4 years ago to own/operate Miller’s Landing Bed & Breakfast, LLC

Employed at Lowe’s Home Improvement 

Member of Planning and Zoning committee

Active member of New Haven Preservation Society

Member of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce

Member of New Haven Riverfront Arts District

Attending Memorial Baptist Church

John Estes

John Estes

Question 1:  Would you be in favor of supporting an “Income based” apartment complex, which is funded through tax credits?  Explain why or why not you would support the apartment complex if the city would receive such a proposal in the future.

Joseph Bennet

Joseph Bennet

Question 1: Will you insist on enforcement of the city codes regarding derelict vehicles, unsightly home maintenance, tall weeds, junk on premises and things like this or will you allow this problem to continue to grow in the city limits?

Harold Ray

Brief Bio/Experience 

I will repeat what I have done over the past 60 years as I believe the experience in the various jobs will help me serve as Mayor

I attended LSU in New Orleans while I was working for the Chicago & North Western Railway Co.  I served a total of 16 years with the railroad in New Orleans, LA, Jackson, MS and St. Louis, MO in various positions as Chief Clerk, Salesman and Service Manager.

George Panhorst

Brief Bio/Experience

Lifelong resident of New Haven

Graduated from New Haven High School

Honorably discharged from the US Army National Guard as a military policeman

Attended East Central College

Retired from Chrysler Corporation after 33 years and have worked part time for Lowe’s for the last 7 years

I have served the community of New Haven in one way or another for nearly 40 years

Served as a member of the New Haven Volunteer Fire Dept. for 15 years and also served as chief of that organization