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Employment Challenges Facing Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders‏

COLUMBIA, Mo. – An estimated 1.5 million individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) live in the United States, according to the Autism Society of America.

Despite extensive research on children with autism, little is known about what happens to these individuals when they grow up, particularly with regard to their employment situations.

Scott Standifer, a University of Missouri researcher, studies employment issues affecting adults with autism. In the following Q&As, Standifer discusses obstacles individuals with ASD confront as they begin jobs and offers suggestions for helping those with autism become successful members of the workforce.

Former SLU Basketball Coach Rick Majerus dies at age 64

ST. LOUIS - Saint Louis University mourns the loss of former head men's basketball coach Rick Majerus, who passed away Saturday, Dec. 1.

"On behalf of the entire Saint Louis University community, I wish to extend our deepest sympathies and our prayers to Rick's family and friends during this very difficult time," said University President Lawrence Biondi, S.J.

"Tonight we join the rest of the basketball world in sending our condolences to Rick Majerus' family and friends," said Saint Louis director of athletics Chris May. "Coach Majerus put his heart and soul into the Billiken program, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

The Best of Oktoberfest 2012

By Kyle Quick
Hermann, Mo.
– You never know what you will see at Oktoberfest especially in Hermann, Mo.  We ran into some interesting people who defiantly were having a good time.

In fact we had a couple spontaneously get married.  Well they didn’t actually get married but it was funny to watch.  Hope you enjoy the show!

Viola Van Leer passed away living 106 years

Pictured above: Viola Van Leer with her son Marvin Van Leer

Editorial by Kyle Quick

In July of this year I had written a story about a wonderful and inspiring 106-year-old women, Viola Van Leer, who came to the 5K race (Event part of the Youth Fair) to watch her 74-year-old son run the 3.1 miles.

Van Leer was born in 1905, living 15 years of her life before ever having electricity.  It never crossed my mind when I had asked her about what was the biggest change in her lifetime.  When she said, “electricity” I was completely caught off guard, not at all the answer I would have expected.

The Day A Legend Retires From NHHS

New Haven High School has been very blessed to have some of the best teachers, the kind of teachers every school wishes they had.  Almost all of the high school teachers have been teaching at New Haven for several decades, which is not only great for the school but the community as well.