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QuickNewsNow Speaks With Fidelity President About Internet Service

Photo obtained from Fidelity Communications company profile page.

By: Kyle Quick

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Early Thursday afternoon, Fidelity President John Colbert took time to contact QNN in regards to the April rate increase for Internet service as well as the advertised increase in Internet speeds.

Colbert responded in regards to the complaints we had received from customers about their Internet speed remaining the same and not increasing in speed, as it should have back in April. Colbert has promised to investigate this complaint and will provide additional information to QNN on Friday.

Fidelity Fails to Increase Internet Speed - Succeeds in Increasing Rates

Editorial By Kyle Quick

Click here to read what Fidelity President John Colbert told QNN.

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Complaints over Fidelity Communications’s recent price hike and lack of promised increase in download speeds went viral on Facebook on Tuesday, June 23rd. Customers posted that since the rate increase in April, download speeds have not increased to the promised minimum of 6 megabytes per second.

After Tuesday’s out lash on Facebook, a Fidelity Truck was seen early Wednesday morning at their satellite location on Miller Street.

After seeing the truck, I tested our download speed, and it had suddenly increased to the advertised minimum 6 megabyte download speed that customers should have been receiving since April.

More Likely To Die By Legal Execution Than Winning The Powerball

By Kyle Quick

Tonight’s estimated $425 million dollar Powerball is the third largest jackpot ever and your odds of winning are a staggering 1 in 175 million, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association.

The odds don't really get a whole lot better for the lower prizes. You have a 1 in 5,153,632 chance to win $1 million and a 1 in 648,975 chance of winning $10,000.

The best odd are for the $4 prize: 1 in 110.81 of you get one ball and the Powerball correct, 1 in 55.41 for just getting the Powerball correct.

Why Have Gas Prices Been Falling

Picture taken Thursday morning (Oct. 16)

By Kyle Quick

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Thursday morning I had posted the photo above on our Facebook page because I along with almost everyone else was shocked by the drastic drop in grass prices.  I possessed the question as to the reason behind grass prices dropping and like myself most people were unsure of the reason.

The most common reason people speculated was because of the up coming November elections and with many others interested in the actual cause I’ve done some digging to try and understand why the national average for a galloon of gas is the lowest since October 2010 at $2.67.

Throwback Thursday - At Ground Zero Six Months After 9-11 Attacks

Pictured are two New York Fire Fighters and myself that was taken from Ground Zero only six months after the terrorist attacks.

By Kyle Quick

I am sure most of you can recall exactly what you were doing at the exact time you first heard about the terrorist attacks that occurred 13 years ago.

I was a senior in high school and was in study hall on that Tuesday September, 11 when my aunt Renee Laune, high school Librarian, turned on the TV.

It never once crossed my mind that my classmates and I would be standing at “Ground Zero” just six months later while on our Senior Trip.

QUICK THOUGHT: Do You Appreciate Police Officers - National Peace Officer Memorial Day

By Kyle Quick

Why are flags at half-staff today?  This is a question I am sure many of you have asked yourself.  Flags have been lowered to half-staff because today is National Peace Officer Memorial Day.  A day that we honor those who have died in efforts to protect the lives of others and a day that we say “thank you” to the men and women who continue risking their lives each and everyday.

In 2013, 100 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers paid the ultimate sacrifice, the fewest number killed in the line of duty since 1945(94). According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund’s website.

New Haven Sports Banquet Likely To Be A Rememberable One

Editorial By Kyle Quick

New Haven’s annual Sports Banquet will be on (correction) Thursday, May 8 at 6:30 p.m. which is always full of emotions; celebration, reflection, camaraderie, and the realization that yet another year has passed.

This year, those emotions will have an added dimension, with the retiring of Coach Ray Steinhoff.

QUICK THOUGHT: The 6th Man - New Haven Cheerleaders Help Lead Lady Rocks To Third Straight Final Four

Photos by Kelly Hoffmann
Article by Kyle Quick

--After the Lady Shamrocks defeated Neelyville 42-34, advancing to Columbia for the third straight year, as they began walking off the court they stopped, turned towards Shamrock fans and their other teammates, as the New Haven’s Cheerleaders led everyone in the singing of their school song.

We always ask the players “How does it feel to be going to state” but never think of asking the cheerleaders the same question.  They practice all season long with the same motto of representing New Haven’s “Tradition of Excellence”.

I spoke with two senior cheerleaders, Captain Madison Yarbrough, who will have been a cheerleader all four years and senior Megan Poe.

Kyle's Winter Storm Blog

By Kyle Quick
QuickNewsNow always strives to provide the most up to date news as quickly and accurately as possible, particularly during winter storms and at the same time share what is happening in other parts of the state.

Throughout the day I will be updating this blog quite frequently with photos from readers, road reports, and whatever else I stumble upon. (I have lots more to post but just wanted to get things started.  Hang on cause it’s going to be long day.  Hopefully I can keep you entertained.

9:45 p.m. -We all complain about being “plowed in” well I may have come across the solution to our complaining.

I came across this diagram on Twitter that was tweeted by Brian Bolen and to me it makes perfect sense.

He says to shovel about a 6-8 foot long and 3 feet wide “swath” of snow away from the street.