Gov. Voices Support For Income Tax Cut If K-12 Foundation Formula Is Fully Funded

QNN stock photo of Gov. Nixon speaking at Hermann High School on Veterans Day.

Jefferson City, Mo. –  Earlier today in a news conference Gov. Jay Nixon said that he and legislative leaders have made “real progress” in discussion on taxes but emphasized his continued promise in fully funding the K-12 foundation formula as a top priority.

“Over the past several months we’ve had productive, substantive discussions with members of the legislature, including Senator Will Kraus and others, and this week we made some real progress”, Gov Nixon said.

Nixon also made it clear he would not support any tax cut unless the state’s K-12 funding formula was fully-funded as part of what Nixon outlined about what he would look for in a tax bill.

From a local stand point, if the formula were to be fully-funded it is estimated that the New Haven School District would receive over $100,000 in state funds.

Nixon Celebrates Opening Of New Soaring Heights Elementary In Joplin

“Good Schools, Good Jobs” will help Missouri public schools prepare students for college and careers, Governor says

Joplin, Mo. – Public schools are the hearts of our communities and essential to Missouri’s ability to create jobs in the global economy, Gov. Jay Nixon said today during the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Soaring Heights Elementary in Joplin.

The Governor’s “Good Schools, Good Jobs” plan, which he detailed during his State of the State last week, will provide public schools with the resources they need to prepare students to succeed in college and careers.

Missouri Employers To Save $186 Million As The State Retires UI Trust Fund Obligation Early

Growing economy and falling unemployment rate make early payment possible said Gov. Nixon.

Jefferson City, Mo. – As a result of continued growth in the state’s economy, Missouri employers will save $186 million in federal taxes as the state retires its obligation to the federal Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund six months ahead of schedule, Gov. Jay Nixon announced today.  A revised projection from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that Missouri’s obligation will be retired early, which will lower the federal tax burden on Missouri businesses by $84 per employee.

“This revised projection is yet another clear indication of our strong and growing economy,” Gov. Nixon said. “Today, our unemployment rate is at its lowest point since June 2008 as more Missouri employers continue to create jobs and invest. By holding the line on taxes and investing in true economic drivers like education, we are keeping the cost of doing business low, while keeping our workforce strong.”

Missourians Travel 1.6 Million Miles In 2013 As Part Of Nixon's 100 Mile Challenge

Gov. Nixon says those taking the Challenge are gaining benefits of health and fitness while enjoying state’s tremendous outdoor recreational opportunities.

Photo courtesy of Missouri Press Secretary Scott Holste.

Jefferson City, Mo. – Logging enough miles to circle the Earth 46 times, Missourians taking the Governor’s 100 Missouri Mile Challenge walked, hiked, rode and rolled more than 1,162,000 miles during 2013. Gov. Jay Nixon today said the Challenge has been a great success, with 3,715 of the 12,700 participants completing the challenge to complete 100 miles on the state’s roads, trails and waterways.

Gov. Nixon proclaims Oct. 4 Manufacturing Day in Missouri

QNN File photo.
Gov. Nixon highlights Missouri’s resurgent manufacturing industry on Manufacturing Day.

Jefferson, City, Mo. —Gov. Jay Nixon has proclaimed Oct. 4 as be Manufacturing Day in Missouri, recognizing one of the state’s key industries and its role in growing the economy. Missouri’s Manufacturing Day is held in concurrence with National Manufacturing Day.

“As a cornerstone of Missouri’s economy, manufacturing has been top priority of my administration from Day One,” said Gov. Nixon.  “Manufacturing helped build our economy and advanced manufacturing was one of the sectors identified by our Strategic Initiative as having the greatest potential to create jobs and drive Missouri’s economy forward.

Republicans Fail Miserably In Attempt To Override Veto Of House Bill 253

File photo
By Kyle Quick

Jefferson City, Mo. - Public Schools across the state were relieved Wednesday afternoon when a Republican push to override Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of House Bill 253 fell significantly short a two-thirds majority was needed.

The House voted 94-67 to override Nixon’s veto. But that fell significantly short of the 109 votes needed for a two-thirds majority. As a result, the override never was considered by the Senate.

Moments ago Gov. Jay Nixon released the following statement, "Applauding the general assembly for supporting public schools."

Republicans claimed HB 253 would've cut Missouri’s income taxes while the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA) said it would have cut education funding by 2.6 million dollars.

Women Rights Activists Bare Their Chest On National Go Topless Day

Pictured: Along Peace Park a small group of demonstrators show their support of Go Topless Day.

Columbia, Mo. - Today marks the anniversary when the 19th Amendment was certified in 1920, giving women the right to vote and establishing "Gender Equality".

Even with the 19th Amendment there is no question inequality still exists and one group of UFO believers called the Raelians. literally showed how women are no treated equally.

Yesterday, August 25th was the six year anniversary of Go Topless Day, a 24-hour period where ladies are encouraged to show their breasts as a protest against hypocritical laws that allow guys to walk around shirtless while women must remain clothed.

Columbia, Missouri was one of 40 cities where a small group of demonstrators stood along Peace Park, while one women bared her chest and men who support the group's mission covered their's with bikini tops.

KTRS Yanks Down Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Misleading Radio Ad On HB 253

Texas Gov. Rick Perry decided to throw his sense on the heavily debated HB 253 by running misleading radio ads on KTRS.

Jefferson City, Mo. – On Friday Gov. Jay Nixon applauded KTRS Radio for pulling down a misleading radio ad in which Texas Gov. Rick Perry criticizes Missouri and endorses House Bill 253, a fiscally irresponsible measure vetoed by Gov. Nixon that would raise taxes on prescription drugs, defund public schools, and jeopardize Missouri’s perfect AAA credit rating.

In a statement, KTRS Radio General Manager Mark Dorsey said “we feel the need to stand strong with other small locally owned businesses and defend our region.”

Local business groups including the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, the Kingdom of Callaway Chamber of Commerce and the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City have joined Gov. Nixon in opposition to House Bill 253 because of its negative impact on public education and other vital public services.

However, the Missouri of Chamber of Commerce is hosting Gov. Perry at an event next week.

Gov. Nixon Defends Veto Of House Bill 301 - Says Bill Would Weaken Laws On Sex Offenders

St. Louis, Mo. – Gov. Jay Nixon today joined local law enforcement and victims’ advocates at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to discuss the importance of sustaining his veto of House Bill 301, which would remove hundreds of sex offenders from public sex offender websites.

The Governor vetoed House Bill 301 in July citing concerns it would undermine public safety and victims’ rights by weakening state laws regarding sexual offenders.

Two days after Nixon announced he was vetoing Rep. Kevin Engler's House Bill 301 in July;  In an article by Sam Levin of The Daily Riverfront Times on July 5th, Engler was quoted, "If you're going to have a list and have people that aren't dangerous on diminishes the effectiveness of the list.  Citizens...are confused because of the broadness of the thing.... It's very difficult to discern who actually poses a danger."

Retired Marine Receives Blue Ribbons and the Best of Division Honor in Needlepoint

Retired U.S. Marine Edward Castle age 95 of Carrollton, wins four blue ribbons for his entries in needlepoint and cross-stitch, and one purple ribbon for Best of Division at the 2013 Missouri State Fair.

Photo courtesy Tammy Goodwin, a Missouri State Fair photographer.

SEDALIA, Mo.– As the curtain closed on the 2013 Missouri State Fair and exhibitors picked up their entries, one particular exhibitor sparked a special interest among the State Fair staff.  Edward Castle, age 95 of Carrollton, drove himself to the fairgrounds one last time this year, on Aug. 18, to claim his award-winning needlepoint projects, which had been on display throughout the State Fair in the Home Economics Building.