New Haven City Officials Inline With Missouri Law On Having Coin Toss

The explanation given for high cost of special election can be found below.

First we would like to personally thank the individual who expressed concern as well as holding us accountable for the information we report.  After researching their concern we can confirm that a coin toss abides to Missouri Law, this is according to the Secretary of State's office.

This morning one of our readers questioned whether or not the flipping of a coin was inline with Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 115 Election Authorities and Conduct of Elections Section 115.517.

After speaking with the Secretary of State’s (SOS) office this morning we confirmed that city officials are in compliance with Missouri Law and have (are) taking the appropriate actions as stated in Chapter 115 Section 115.517.

Mayor Announces Alderman Candidates Agree To Coin Toss

Baring any bazar occurrence, Monday April 8 will be the last time Alderman Alan Bell will be seen sitting in the same chair he has called home for eight years.

New Haven, Mo. - Here is what we do know after tonight’s Board of Alderman Meeting.

We know the specific coin planned on being used and City Clerk, Kathleen A. Trentmann will be the official to flip the coin.

It was announced that both candidates had given a verbal agreement to flip a coin to decide who the next Ward 2 Alderman will be.

This comes after Mayor George Panhorst said at tonight’s Board of Alderman meeting, “Both candidates at this time have opted for the flipping of a coin.  By law there has to be five days notice given to the candidates then a date will be set.”

There is still some confusion among readers regarding the steps that must be taken under Missouri Law when there is a tie in an election.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Alderman Ward 2 Officially Tied

UPDATE: Thurs. 10:40 a.m.

New Haven, Mo. – New Haven, Mo. – Quick News Now just confirmed the race for New Haven Alderman Ward 2 is officially tied.

We spoke with City Administrator Steve Roth moments ago saying, “The County Clerk [Debbie Door] certified the results earlier this morning.  She is also putting together an estimate of what the cost to hold a reelection would be.  We also will be talking with both candidates.”

BREAKING NEWS: Voters split on Estes and Sewell – City officials to meet tomorrow

New Haven, Mo.
- The 2013 April elections are far from over in New Haven after voters were split between the two canidates running for Ward 2 Alderman.

John Estes and Gerald Sewell both received 102 of the 206 votes.  The other two votes were write-in-votes.

Quick News Now just finished speaking with Alderman Ward 2 Candidates John Estes and Gerald Sewell to get their reaction about voters being deadlocked on who they want elected.

2013 Election Evening Update

New Haven Ward 2 Voters cast their ballots.  Note polls close at 7 p.m.

5:30 p.m. New Haven, Mo. – More voters have turned out for today’s April election than the last two years combined.  We are estimating a final voter turnout to be 20 to 25%, well below our hopeful 50%.

We estimate around 8 p.m. when we should start getting results as ballots are counted.  We will have results as soon as they are available.

We will be following another heated race for Mayor in Gerald, Mo where Otis Schulte looks to regain the Mayor’s position after he was voted out of office in the 2011 elections.

Another hot item we will be watching is the Washington School District Question 2 which if approved is estimated to increase the debt service levee from .3337 to .5817 per $100 of assessed value.

Mayoral Race Intensifies - Higher than normal turnout expected

New Haven, Mo. – In less than 48 hours we should have the results from Tuesday’s election.  QuickNewsNow will have complete election coverage throughout the day along with live election results that evening.

Traditionally voter turnout for the April election has been very poor.  In the last Mayoral election (2011) there was a 12% turnout and last year just 14% of voters cast their ballots.  Note that in 2011 no one ran for mayor. 

However we expect a much higher turnout thanks to the unprecedented four-way race for Mayor.  We are predicting a 50 to 60 percent turnout, based on talking with voters over the past few weeks. 

Letter to Editor: Don't believe what you read in the newspaper

UPDATE:  We have received numerous phone calls requesting to read what was sent to the Leader.  Click here to download the document.

You, Buck Collier New Haven Leader Editor, sent out questionnaires to the mayoral candidates to be filled out.  The questionnaire stated they should make it as short or as long as they felt necessary.

You (Collier) then opted to pick and choose what you wanted to use out of the answers given.  All information given to you (per your request) should have been printed as it was given to you.

You (Collier) then felt obligated to inject your personal opinion on the front page as opposed to putting another candidate's answer there.  

You sir, were not the one taking calls from concerned citizens about the issue of taxes, my husband and I were. It was a mistake not to say "property tax", which is what this was all about, not sales tax.  

After listening to those citizens, we could see their point of view; they are simply worried about someone not having their best interest at heart.

Get to Know Alderman Ward 2 Candidates Gerald Sewell and John Estes

After serving eight years as Alderman for Ward 2 Alan Bell has left either Gerald Sewell or John Estes big shoes to fill.  This is why we feel it is important you know a little bit about each candidate.

We take great pride in not imposing our opinion about either candidat or changing how they answered each question.  It is wrong for any newspaper to attempt and single out one candidate because of their own personal agenda.  Here at QuickNewsNow we strongly believe in letting you make your own decisions.